Amazing Food

To many, Malaysia is a food paradise. Experience food that can satisfy and challenge every palate.

Cultural Crossroad

Malaysia is home to Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians. Come experience this amazing cultural crossroad.

Warm Hospitality

Malaysians are famous for their warm hospitality. Come feel right at home in this tropical paradise.

A Malaysia for Everyone

Whatever your background or passion, Malaysia has something to offer you. Explore the many fascinating places Malaysia has to offer.

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur hosts many world class attractions with a Malaysian touch.


Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique architectural and cultural townscape. Need we say more?


The capital of Perak, Ipoh, is listed in Lonely Planet as one of the top upcoming attractions in the world. Come visit this hidden gem.


Johor has a strong and unique mix of cultural identity. Experience the warm and welcoming hospitality of Bangsa Johor.


melaka arts and Performance

Sitting at the crossroad of the ancient maritime trade route, Melaka hosts a living example of various races’ influences in culture, religion, architecture and art.

What Locals Say

Hear what Malaysians have to say about their home.

My idea of paradise? A morning trek in the rainforest, lunch at a mamak stall, afternoon stroll along the beach and dinner at a fancy restaurant. All possible on one island, Penang.

Hafiz H.
Resident of Penang.

There are so many good food in Malaysia that me and my friends would drive hours just to taste it. To me, they are all 3 Michelin Stars restaurants.

Thomas T.
Resident of Kuala Lumpur.

Each city or town in Malaysia has it’s own unique culture, food and attractions. I am never bored.

Subramaniam B.
Resident of Ipoh, Perak.