Where to Stay in Perak

Here are the best areas or districts to stay while visiting Perak. For a look at the various types of accommodation Perak has to offer, look at the types of accommodation in Perak.

Inside Ipoh

Station 18

ipoh station 18

Image source: Aeon Retail

Station 18 is a newly developed town at the outskirt of Ipoh. This part of town is self sustained, modern and offers lots of interesting accommodations. This area has one shopping mall which is Aeon Station 18 and one whole mart which is Tesco Station 18. Both are located side by side. Unlike the city center, Station 18 is pretty quite and the traffic is less congested. The price of the accommodation offered here is slightly cheaper. There are lots of boutique hotels with beautiful and hipster design can be found here.


Tambun is located at the north of Ipoh. Unlike other part of Ipoh, Tambun is known for it’s nature. Tambun offers its natural hot springs to those who wish to stay in the area. The most famous and the best hot spring resort in Perak called The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is also located here. There are hotels, home stays and serviced apartments can be found around the area. Tambun also has a water park called The Lost World of Tambun It is also popular for its native pomelo fruit. There are a number of Pomelo orchard can be found here.

Gunung Rapat

Image source: Boon Low

Gunung Rapat is a Chinese traditional New Village that was founded during the emergency.  This neighborhood is quiet and not as busy as the other part of Ipoh. However, it is home to several famous cave temples, including Sam Poh Tong Temple and Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple. Not forgetting the famous mirror lake. It is also the home to the popular heong peah (fragrant biscuits) industry. There are number of accomodations provided here for the travelers who prefer to stay close to the nature in Ipoh and don’t mind living in the village area.

Old Town

ipoh old town

Image source: Boon Low

Ipoh old town is located west of the Kinta River. It features a cluster of historic colonial buildings in the city center. This town offers a combination of laid back, creative, trendy and interesting heritage architecture.The streets are lined with the pre-war Chinese shop houses. There are also plenty of traditional and hipster coffee shops that serve the city’s signature which is Ipoh white coffee.The crumbling walls called Mural Art Lane were marked with beautiful graffiti that relive a sense of nostalgic moments related to Ipoh’s heritage and culture made by the street artist.

New Town

ipoh new town

Image source: musimpanas

Ipoh New Town is separated from the old town by the Kinta River. It is located to the east of the Kinta River. It is one of the main commercial centers in Ipoh. Most of the government offices and buildings are located here. This part of town  also hosts several of Ipoh landmarks. One of the example is D. R. Seenivasagam Park or Coronation Park. this park is known for its scenic beauty and recreational facilities. Ipoh New Town is also known to hosts a number of restaurants that serves delicious local delicacies. There are several types of accommodation offered here.

North Perak



Image source: Marufish

Taiping is a beautiful heritage town that is located at the north of Perak. Taiping hosts several interesting tourist attractions including Taiping Lake Gardens,Taiping Zoo, Maxwell Hill which is the wettest region in Malaysia, two stunning waterfalls called Burmese Pool and Robinson Pool, Perak Museum which is the oldest museum in Malaysia and Kuala Sepetang that is known for its beach scenery and cheap seafood. Taiping also known for its local delicacies such as mi udang, boiled cockles, char kuey tiaw and yong tau foo. There are lots of accommodation provided here ranging from hostel, hotel, bed and breakfast services and villa.

Kuala Kangsar

Image source: Nicolas Lannuzel

Kuala kangsar is the official royal town of Perak. The area is very well preserved and it offers serenity as well as the well-maintained old palaces to the travelers. Kuala Kangsar town is sectioned into two areas: the new part and the old part. The newer part of town has rows of new and modern shop houses like supermarket, convenient store and many more line the main road on both sides. Whereas the older part of town still retains some quaint businesses like the old barber shops, the rattan weaver and some sundry shops. Closer to the riverbank, there are a number of handicraft shops selling mengkuang woven products, some bamboo products, other knick-knacks and the famous Kuala Kangsar labu. Despite being quaint and quiet, Kuala kangsar also provides a number of decent accommodations for the travelers.



Image source: L joo

Lenggong is the area where the prehistoric artifacts and skeleton nicknamed “Perak Man” were discovered. It is one of Peninsular Malaysia’s most important areas for archaeology.  It is the site of the oldest known place of human activity in the Peninsula that can be dated back to the paleolithic age. Part of Lenggong which is The Lenggong Valley was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The whole Lenggong is like an open-air museum that contains legends, skeletons, cave drawings and precious artifacts such as jewelry, pottery, weapons and stone tools. There are several accommodation services provided here. For those who have the passion towards ancient history and archaeology, Lenggong would be a fitting place.

South Perak

Pangkor Island


Image source: Nguyễn Thành Lam

Pangkor Island is the most famous island retreat in Perak. The island hosts the accommodation ranging from affordable backpacker hostel to five star luxury resort, there are all types of accommodation in Pangkor Island that suit to every budget. The magnificent white sandy beaches on the island will definitely offer a wonderful experience to the travelers. Besides the beach and water activities, Pangkor Island also offers lots of interesting places and provide shopping experiences with its abundance dried seafood products.

Teluk Intan

teluk intan

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Teluk Intan is a small town that is also located at the south of Perak. It was once also known as Teluk Anson. It has a rich history and is famous for its historical landmark, The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. Teluk Intab offers buildings with their colonial architecture, the accessible river bank and its colorful shop lots to give the travelers a sense of nostalgia. It is also equipped with modern day essentials such as shopping malls, a movie theater and fast food joints scattered around town. Teluk Intan is also known for their fruit orchards. If the travelers come to visit during the fruits season. There will be abundance of local fruits from different varieties such as mangoes, guava, bananas, papayas and many more can be found. The accommodation provided here ranging from hostel, budget hotel, boutique hotel and home stays.


sungai klah hotspring

Image source: Tourism Malaysia

Sungkai is a small town located at the south of Perak that has benefited significantly from a surge in tourism industry thanks to Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park. There is also a wildlife conservation center called Sungkai Deer Farm that houses other wildlife such as ostrich and exotic birds located here. There is also a waterfall call Sungai Bil Cool Spring too.There are lots of home stays and holiday resort can be found here. Food are also cheap. However, at this part of area, the public transportation services is not really efficient. It is better to go with private vehicles.