What to buy in Perak

Shopping in Perak is a unique experience. Take some time to hunt for that special souvenir and you will be rewarded. Here are some things that Perak is famous for.



Image source: John Mason

Perakis blessed with its multiethnic community. Hence, there are variety of spices from every inch of the world can be found here if you know where to look. Places like Little India or Ipoh Oldtown  would be the perfect place to look for them.


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Pomelo fruits are only available in Perak. There are lots of Pomelo plantations in Perak especially in Tambun area. The fruits are sweet and rich with vitamin C. There are two type of fruits available, one with the white pulp and another with the orange pulp.

White Coffee


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White coffee is a specialty drink in Perak especially in Ipoh. Ipoh in particular, has the coffee culture among its people. White coffee comprises of coffee beans being marinated in margarine and then served with sweet condensed milk. The famous franchises of Old Town White Coffee is originated from here.

Traditional biscuits and pastries

Image source: Leap Kye

Perak has lots of traditional biscuits and pastries that are delicious inclusive of kaya puff, egg tarts, peanut biscuits, almond biscuits, sesame seeds biscuits and many more. The biscuits and the pastries have fragrant smell and melt in the mouth.

Labu Sayong

labu sayong

Image source: Kraftangan Perak

Labu sayong is the water container that is made from clay. It is originated from Kuala Kangsar. The water that is kept inside the labu sayong will maintain its cool although it is not refrigerated. Labu Sayong shape is taken after the shape of the vegetable called gourd.

Rattan and Wood Handicrafts


Image source: Kraftangan Perak

Perak offers a variety of handicrafts that are made from the plant such as rattan and bamboo or the tree parts such as wood bark and the leaves. If the travelers opt to use the old roads. They can find numerous stalls that sells a variety of handicrafts from baskets, wall decorations, blowpipes, hats, trinkets and many more along the road. The handicrafts items are usually made by the villagers or the aborigines that live in the neighboring areas.