Markets & Malls in Perak

Inside Ipoh

AEON Station 18

AEON Station 18 is one of the newly built mall in Ipoh. It is about 30 minutes drive from the Ipoh center. The layout of the building is neat and basic. It houses various retail outlets that sell items that are not normally found in Ipoh. It also hosts a cinema and children entertainment zone such as KidZoona and Good Time Family Amusement Center. What is interesting about this mall is that it has a library where there are lots of books to be read and board games to be played.

Gerbang Malam

Image source: Gerbang Malam FB

Ipoh is literally a quiet town at night, however since the inception of Gerbang Malam in 2003, this place has brought Ipoh with a bright nightlife. This area is so festive at night and filled with late-night activities especially on the weekend. There are over 130 booths that sells a variety of items at cheap and affordable prices. Among the items sold are shoes, shirts, bags, phone accessories, belts, trousers and many more. Besides shopping, the visitors can also enjoy a meal and a drink at nearby restaurants and stalls. Activities like karaoke contest and auto show are also held here. This place opens from 7 pm to 2 am daily.

Little India

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Little India in Ipoh is an ethnic Indian enclave. The area stretched from Jalan Sultan Yussuf to Jalan Lahat. It is famous for its Indian cuisine and serves as a main commercial and cultural activities for Indian communities. Various Indian related businesses and products such as traditional costumes, spices, precious gold, costume jewelry which use semi-precious gems and many more can be found here. There also large number of restaurant and cafe which sales Indian culinary. The place is lively especially during festive seasons.

Ipoh Parade

Ipoh Parade is the largest mall in Ipoh. It is a retail destination and one of the main tourist attraction. The mall offers a unique view of outdoor LED entrance, which is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the “Biggest Outdoor LED Advertising Screen”. It is also a home to a few exclusive labels and coined as Ipoh’s entertainment nucleus with its karaoke booths, bowling alleys, laser tag centers, and GSC cineplex . Ipoh Parade is able to host a multitude of large-scale events with its 620,062 sq. ft area.

Ipoh Central Market

Image source: Gurmit singh

Ipoh Central Market is located in the heart of New Town Ipoh. I shares the same building with UTC (Urban Transformation Centre). The wet market is the biggest in Ipoh and it has gone through some makeshift that makes it more welcoming to the regular patrons and travelers alike. Here the travelers can walk through this local wet market in search for cheap food stalls that serves delicious dishes or hunting for the  fresh produce, eggs, milk, abundance of seafood, red meat and many more.

Angsana Ipoh Mall

Angsana Ipoh Mall is previously known as Greentown Mall. Its motto is “Your friendly Neighbourhood Shopping Mall”. The mall has gone through a process of renovation and refurbishing before it was re-branded to Angsana Ipoh mall.Angsana Ipoh Mall has more than 100 retail outlets comprises of fashion, home interior, jewelry, sports, electronics items and F&B. The main retail outlet here is UO Superstore which located on the ground floor and first floor. It also hosts several amusement centers with Space Park as the highlight and a bazaar called Bazaar Warisan.

Perak IT Mall

Perak IT Mall is the only mall in Perak dedicated solely to all things IT-related. People can find electronic devices from computers to mobile devices, cameras, audio systems, CCTVs, gaming and even electrical appliances in this mall. The area is 40,000 sq. ft. and is located in Tasek, Ipoh. This mall features a total of 81 lots of various sizes. 25 of these lots include two cafés and a convenience store. There are 32 lots in the mobile phone zone which also houses major telecommunications agents and concept stores of popular brands such as Samsung and Huawei. There is also a gaming zone with 8 lots and a lifestyle zone with 16 lots.

Aeon BiG – Falim Ipoh

AEON BiG Falim is located in Falim. The mall houses several food and beverages outlets that serve international and local food and dishes, fashion and accessories outlets that cater to shoppers who are looking for an up-to-date style and electrical, IT and communication retails that sells the latest electronic devices. It also has a cinema, amusement center, a pet shop, a book store, furniture store and a medical center in its premise.

North Perak

Taiping Sentral Mall

Image source: Taiping Sentral official FB

Taiping Sentral Mall is the premier shopping mall in Taiping. It is a 4-storey building comprises of 118 shop lots and kiosks. It offers a wide variety in the latest range of food & beverage, beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle and entertainment outlets for the shopper’s convenience and shopping pleasure. The 14,000 sq. ft. atrium provides the space for exhibitions and entertainment activities. There is also a 7-screen MBO Cinemas positioned to cater to the needs of movie-goers.

Arena Square 

Arena Square is a covered outdoor space allocated to the small scale vendors to sell food, traditional crafts like Labu Sayong, Kris, Tekat and other items such as clothing, accessories, trinkets, souvenirs and many more that is located in Kuala kangsar. Once a year during Ramadan, this place become a food heaven for Kuala Kangsar people. This place  also acts as the place where community events take place.

Taiping Mall

Image Source: Taiping Mall official FB

TAIPING MALL is located at the heart of Taiping. It is the largest shopping mall in Taiping. With over 400,000 sq. ft. of retail space & amenities, this 9-storey modern multi-tiered mall caters the shoppers with new experiences for the fashionistas, food lovers, entertainers, movie-goers as well as children and family. It houses a major retail outlet called Pacific and a cinema called Paragon Cinemas. It also has disabled friendly facilities, baby’s room and many other facilities that ensure the comfort and the safety of the shoppers.

South Perak

Rapid Mall Seri Intan

Rapid Mall Seri Intan is located in Teluk Intan. The mall hosts the Giant hypermarket as its anchor tenant. Besides Giants, there are also other retail and F&B outlets available there. There is also a karaoke center for the entertainment of the shoppers, a gymnasium for the shoppers to exercise, a bank and several other offices such as PTPTN office are available in the mall.

RTC Perak

Image Source: RTC Perak official FB

RTC Perak is strategically located beside the North-South Highway in Gopeng. The building is connected to the highway RNR which is the most favorite pit stop for the people journeying to the north and act as the transformation center for Gopeng. The place hosts Mydin Hypermarket, several government offices such as immigration center, national registry center, Mardi and many more. It also hosts agro bazaar that sells various type of local fruits and vegetables, food truck vendor, wet market and restaurants.

D Mall Seri Iskandar

D Mall Seri Iskandar is located at the district of Setiawan. It offers 308,697 sqft of tenantable space for Retailers. It is the only mall in the area. its Anchor tenants includes the Hypermarket called Billion Hypermarket, a 7-Screen Cinema by Lotus Five Star Cinemas, Mr. D.I.Y, Watson, F&B outlets such as The Chicken Rice Shop and bakery, the bowling center called Ampang Superbowl and Pos Malaysia office branch.