Getting to Perak

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport

Image source: Chongkian

Here is how you can get to Perak. To get around Perak, look here.

By Air

The fastest way to go to Perak is by air transportation. The Sultan Azlan Shah Airport is located in Ipoh. However to date it hosts five airlines that only provide direct flights from Johor and Singapore. For the rest, the visitors have to either take the flight to Penang or Kuala Lumpur and transit to Perak via land.

By Land

Perak is very well connected by land. If the travelers drive a car as a main transportation or take the bus, there is a highway connecting Perak from the north and the south side called PLUS highway. It is also connected to the east coast via Simpang Pulai route.

As for the train service, KTM Berhad offers train services called ETS coming from the north and the south that stop at several places in Perak. Those places are Tanjung Malim, Slim River, Sungkai, Tapah Road, Kampar, Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Tasek, Kuala Kangsar, Padang Rengas, Taiping and Parit Buntar.

By Water

Though the west of Perak is situated next to Malacca strait and has it’s own port, there is no known ferry or cruise operators from other places that stop at Lumut Port. Those who wishes to visit Perak by water will have to stop at Pork Klang and transit to Perak via land.  However, for those who wish to go and visit Pangkor Island. There are several ferry services hosted by Lumut Jetty.