Getting around Perak

These are the different options of going around Perak. To find out how to get to Perak, look here.


By Private vehicles / Motorcycle

Perak has one of the most well integrated road network in Malaysia. It is hard to get lost here. The traffic is not heavy most of the time except during the school holidays or festive seasons. The signboard provided are straight forward and easy to follow. The journey along the road provide a scenic view with lots of green landscape. There’s always something interesting to look at along the way.

Driving in Ipoh is not so stressful. Ipoh is an old town so it is not as congested as other city center in Malaysia. Getting around is a bit easier with GPS navigation. Most of the attractions can be located via the GPS navigator.

By Public Transportation

Perak is quite huge and the distance from one place to another is quite far.There are two ways to get around Perak by public transportation. The travelers can choose either to take the bus or train in order to go from one city to another. Each city has it’s own bus terminal and there are 12 train stations located in Perak. The bus and train services are quite efficient.

On the other hand, bus service is the only public transportation available if one wish to discover Ipoh, which is Perak’s capital city. The most popular bus service is by Perak Transit called MyBas that provide services to six routes within the city. The fares range between 90 sen and RM 1.70.There are other bus operators too. The main station is Ipoh Bus Terminal.

ipoh route map

Image source: Rail Travel Station

By Taxi

Taxi is a convenient mode of transportation but can be pricey. Just like everywhere else some drivers don’t play by the rules. Some taxis operators doesn’t have a meter installed and the fare is fixed. However, some operators do have the meter installed, always make sure that the driver is willing to use the meter before riding the taxi.

E-hailing Services

E-hailing service like Grab is only available in Ipoh. It is the alternative for the taxi service. The app can be downloaded before the booking. The fare can be paid by cash or credit/debit card. It is by far the most convenient and cheapest way to commute. The drivers are also experienced locals who can share some tips about Perak.

image source: Grab