Nature Attractions in Perak

Perak has an abundance of nature attractions. If you are interested in other attractions in Perak, take a look at the North Perak, Around Ipoh, South Perak or attractions for kids in Perak.

Around Ipoh

Lubuk Timah Recreation Center

Lubuk Timah Recreation Center is located 6 kilometers from Simpang Pulai at the east side of Ipoh. It has two main attractions which are the hot springs and the waterfall.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is a pristine oasis that’s mysteriously tucked deep within one of the clusters of limestone hills in Ipoh. In order to reach the lake, one has to go through a 200 meters tunnel which was bored through the limestone hills that guard the lake for centuries.

Kledang Hill

Kledang Hill is located at the suburb of Menglembu which is located at the west of Ipoh. Its highest point stands at 800 meters above sea level and ifrom where many communication towers that act as broadcasting stations for radio and TV networks in Ipoh.

Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Gunung Lang Recreational Park is located off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. It was opened in the year of 2000 by Ipoh City Council with the objective to be a recreational park as a getaway for city folks and also to attract tourists.

North Perak

 Temenggor Lake

Temenggor Lake is a lake in Hulu Perak District, Perak, Malaysia. It is the second largest lake in Peninsula Malaysia. This lake is a man-made lake. It was created after the construction of Temenggor Dam to generate electric power. The lake is located at the heart of the Belum Forest.

Royal Belum State Park

Royal Belum State Park or known as the Crowning Glory of the Peninsula is the largest state park in Peninsular Malaysia. The forest is believed to have existed since 130 million years ago, making it one of oldest rain forests in the world.

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

The Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve is Peninsular Malaysia’s largest mangrove forest. It was designated as a Permanent Forest Reserve in 1906. It consists of the Bakau Minyak and Bakau Kurap species.

Banding Island

Banding Island is a 243-hectare man made island encircled by the Temengor Lake. It is in fact a 130 million year old rain forest before it was turned into an island when its lower area was surrounded by a man-made lake created in the late 1960.



South Perak

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is an island located in Manjung District, Perak. It is where the British colonial domination started in Peninsular Malaysia when Perak ruler signed the treaty called the Pangkor Treaty. The interior of the island is forested and it is a home to 65 reptile species, 17 amphibian species, and 82 total herpetofaunal species. The major industries of the island are tourism and fishing.

Sungai Bil Waterfall 

The waterfall at Sungai Bil s a famous picnic area for locals and visitors for a weekend getaway. The pristine river and tranquil atmosphere had drawn in visitors to have picnics and to bathe in this river.The fall is equipped with facilities like public hall, car park and rest houses.

Tempurung Cave

Tempurung Cave is a limestone cave that is located in Gopeng, Perak. It is popular among cave enthusiasts. The length is more than 3 km long and it is the largest cave in Peninsula Malaysia. Part of the cave has been developed as a show cave equipped with electric lighting and walkways. There are several range of routes with various lengths and difficulty.

Terrapin Conservation Center 


For fear of further decline in Terrapin population, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks established Bota Kanan Terappin Conservation Center. The reserve is located at the Perak riverfront.