Markets & Malls in Penang


Batu Ferringhi Night Market

Batu Feringghi Night Market is the center of shopping crowd in Batu Feringghi. The rows of makeshift stalls operated by local vendor offers assortment of items like souvenirs,fake goods and delicious local street food. It opens from dusk until past midnight. The buyers can haggle the price to get a good bargain.

Chowrasta Bazaar

Image source: Su Yin Khoo

The market has been operating more than 100 years old. It opens early in the morning. The two storey market is divided into three sections.The front section of the ground floor is filled with tourists who wants to find cheap bargain for sweets, pickled fruits, unique pastries and local fried chips for souvenirs. At the back side of the ground floor is a wet market where the vendors sell fresh meat and groceries. Secondhand books and quirky stuffs can be found on the second floor.

Little Penang Street Market

Little Penang Street Market operates on a last Sunday of every month. Arts, crafts, live music and art performances are what the market offers to visitors here. The atmosphere is filled with creativity and friendly vendors. It opens from 10.00 am till 5.00 pm. The visitors can find someone to draw the caricature, amateur performers perform in front of the crowd, a variety of souvenirs and beautiful painting for sale.

Lorong Kulit Flea Market

Lorong kulit Flea Market is open as early as 9.00 a.m every morning and close past noon. There are lots of second hand and old items such as books, CDs, shoes can be found here at a cheap price. It is infamous among the locals as a place where looted items are sold.The visitors can also find antiques, old coins and surprisingly pet sold here. There are also fruit vendors and food vendors for visitors to enjoy local delicacies.

Cecil Street Market

Image source: Marufish

Cecil Street Market is popular for its hawker centre. The food center is one third of the market itself. It offers an arrays of Penang best local food for visitors to feast on. The hawker center opens earlier than other sections in the market. The other section of the market is the “wet” section where the vendors sell fresh and raw items like chicken meat, beef, lamb, seafood,vegetables and many more. The goods sold are well arranged and nicely presented.

Macallum Street Night Market

Image source: Matthew Kang

The highlight of Macallum Street Night Market is the rows and rows of hawker food stall selling delicious local Penang delicacies at a cheap price. The visitors can find all the famous Penang food in this market. The variety of food range from snacks, filling meals and dessert .


Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Penang. It is also the closest to Penang Airport. It houses big brands like Aeon and Harvey Norman. There are also lots of boutique from famous band such as Gap, Timberland and Elle can be found here. It also offers numerous entertainment outlets like cinema, gaming arcade and karaoke center.

Malls along Gurney Drive

Image source: sugree

There are two big shopping malls in Gurney Drive area, Gurney Paragon and Gurney Plaza. Both are equal in size and offers an upscale shopping experience for the shoppers. Equipped with modern facilities and various entertainment outlets, most of the local Penangites choose the malls in Gurney Drive as their number one shopping spot.

Malls around Komtar

There are several shopping malls located nearby KOMTAR. Even the KOMTAR building itself houses a shopping mall. It houses a number of local boutiques and  ICT shops. Nearby, there are Penang Plaza, Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue Mall. All offers variety of goods, retail outlets and entertainment premises.

Penang Times Square

Image source: Vnonymous

Penang Times Square is located near KOMTAR. It combines residential and commercial properties. Penang Times Square offers two shopping malls, Penang Times Square Mall and M Mall O2O. It also offers heritage centre, a museum, retail outlets, residences, hotels and an urban square.