Places to visit near Penang

Penang is a good base for travelling around northern Malaysia and into southern Thailand. Here are some nearby places that you can travel from Penang.

Langkawi Island

Image source: Marufish

Langkawi is an island in Kedah. It is located at the north side of Penang. The visitors can commute to Langkawi via ferry or airplane. The duration of the ferry travel is one hour and a half while the plane takes 35 minutes. Langkawi is a duty-free island so imported stuffs are really cheap. The island also offers lots of beautiful waterfalls, a famous lake, a hot spring, beautiful beaches and majestic mountain view where people can take the highest cable car in Malaysia to go up the mountain.

Alor Setar

Image source: Elviz Low

Alor Star is the state capital of Kedah. Kedah is Penang’s northern neighbor. It is one of the most-important cities on the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. It sits along the country’s longest expressway and located 79 km north of George Town, Penang. Alor Setar is known as the Tip of Malaysia and famous for its Alor Star Tower. The city has a lot of attractions to offer.

Kuala Kurau

Image source: Allen Warren

Kuala Kurau is a little fishing village that situated in Perak. The Penang’s southern neighbor. Many visitors come to the village for fishing trip. The visitors can choose between the day trip and the slightly longer trip that takes few days. kuala Kurau also offers variety of seafood. The visitors can enjoy fresh seafood in any restaurants or can buy the raw seafood to be cooked at the morning market. There is also a conservation area for the migrating birds that escapes from the northern hemisphere’s winter.


Image source: Marufish

Taiping is located in Perak. Penang’s southern neighbour. It is the wettest area in Malaysia. Taiping is really a beautiful area. It offers a botanical lake garden, a zoo, a majestic view of the mountain range and a great experience at the fishing village nearby. It has two waterfalls and offers lots of galleries and museum for the visitors. The highlight of Taiping is the trip to the Maxwell Hill. For those thrill seekers, they shouldn’t miss a change to stay a night or two at the top of Maxwell Hill. The hill is said to be haunted at night but the beautiful view really makes up for it. Taiping also has a coffee factory if one wants to try the locally produced coffee.

Sungai Petani

Image source: Victor photography

Sungai Petani is the largest town in Kedah. Kedah is Penang’s northern neighbor. It is located about 33 km northeast of George Town. Due to its close proximity to Penang, Sungai Petani is also part of Greater Penang. Sungai Petani has the second largest mangrove area in Malaysia. It also offers a historical landmark like Lembah Bujang. Lembah bujang is claimed to be the first Malay civilisation in Peninsular Malaysia. There is also a mountain called Gunung Jerai that offers an abundance of waterfalls.

Hat Yai, Thailand

Image source: Eddie Kwok

Hat Yai is the town in southern Thailand that is frequented by many travelers passing through from and to Malaysia. It is a well known travel hub, a medical centre and a shopping haven for Thai people. Downtown Hat Yai is fairly unremarkable and is compartmentalized into shopping are entertainment areas. Getting around town is fairly easy and cheap by motorcycle taxi and even cabs are relatively cheap. Its highlight is the floating market that serves numerous type of Thai delicacies from range from ordinary to exotic. Hat Yai also houses the third-largest reclining Buddha image in Thailand.