Amazing Food

Penang is known as a food paradise in Malaysia. The island is packed with countless food stalls that can satisfy and challenge every palate.

Unique Heritage

Sitting at the crossroad of the ancient maritime trade route, Penang hosts a living example of European, Muslim, Chinese and Indian influences in culture, religion, architecture and art.

Exciting Art

Wander along the streets of Georgetown and you will find a street art gallery. Come experience this free art gallery featuring works from world renowned street artists.

A Penang for everyone

Penang is a melting pot of cultures, languages and food. Whatever your passion, come find your paradise on this island.

Heritage Hunter

Penang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique architectural and cultural townscape. Need we say more?


Who says cheap food cannot be good? Penang’s street food can challenge the food served at a Michelin starred restaurant.


Bored of the usual chain shops? Penang offers a unique shopping experience like no other. Think of antiques and handycrafts.


Bring the kids along and experience Penang from a different perspective. Since when history can be this fun.

Nature Lover

Unknown to most, Penang has a hidden side for nature lovers. Come discover what the other side of the island has to offer.

Art Lover

An art gallery within a World Heritage Site? Walk around the streets of Georgetown to enjoy art from world renowned artists.

Hear from Penangites

Here is what our local residents have to say about their home.

I used to run around the streets of Georgetown when I was a kid. I still do today. There is so much to see.

Nurul Abdullah
Penangite since birth

I love going around to discover new street food. After eating, I would walk along the sea front to burn all the calories!

Ricky Lee
Penangite since 2008

When my friends come to Penang, I would take them up Penang Hill. It feels so different up there and the view is amazing. Penang Hill was also where my husband proposed to me.

Sheila Dass
Penangite since getting married