Types of Accommodation in Pahang

Pahang offers a wide variety of accommodation. Here is a guide.


Hostel is the most favorite accommodation for solo traveler or backpackers who don’t want to spend lots of money for accommodation. In Pahang, there are several types of rooms to choose from depending on one’s budget. There are private rooms with the toilet attached, dorm rooms that can fit five people and more with a shared toilet, double rooms that fits two people with the shared toilet and many more.

Cleanliness and hygiene might vary since most of the facilities are shared. It depends on the discipline and the attitude of the people renting the hostel. The staffs usually clean up the place twice a day an


There are two types of home stay in Malaysia. One is run by several agencies in Malaysia where the visitors will be adopted and placed to live with the host family and the other is the private homeowner renting out their place for visitors to use for accommodation.

The former is a fun way to experience the culture first hand. Most of the guests who joined the program often give good reviews for it. The latter has mixed reviews. The attitude of the homeowner often affects the whole experience renting a home stay. Some owners are accommodating while some are not. The most famous app for this service is airBnB.

Budget Hotel

Budget hotel is an economic type of hotel. It is usually located in a 5-storey building or lower. Some budget hotels are very old. Hence, not all of them have an elevator. Services like laundry, breakfast and room service are not available. However, the room will be cleaned upon request.

Budget hotel is often located near the place that sell cheap and delicious food and  self-service laundry premise. Both elements are very essential to any travelers.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique hotel is usually designed with a specific theme.Some boutique hotel can be very creative by using theme like outer space, robot, Arabia, bamboo forest and many more to attract the visitors. The service provided here is generally the same as the city hotel except they don’t provide certain high end facilities like gymnasium, spa or swimming pool.

The rooms are clean and designed beautifully, the staffs are often helpful. Some boutique hotels also house a small cafe that provides light refreshment for the patron.

Serviced Apartment

If the travelers are going to spend over a month in Pahang It is advisable for them to find a serviced apartment. Serviced apartment provides short term rent services in Pahang.

The apartment usually is clean and well taken care of. It is highly secured with security guard and access pass that prohibit outsiders from entering the place. It is also a lot cheaper than staying in the hotel.

Service apartments are usually fully furnished and equipped with facilities such as swimming pool, gym, playground and restaurants.

Beach Resort

Beach resort is a full service holiday lodging facilities that are located at the seaside. Some beach resorts have access to a private beach. The resort offers an all-around service that include water entertainment and recreational activities.

Beach resorts are a self-contained establishment. It provides the guests with amenities like the lodging, food, drink, sports, entertainment and souvenir shops. Beach resort is suitable for families and child friendly with lots of programs for the children.

Beach House

Beach house is a cheaper alternative for beach resorts. For the guest who can’t afford the luxury of enjoying a private beach, beach house also offers the view of the sea.

Unlike beach resorts, boat house only provides basic amenities. However, due to it’s location, the guest can explore the area by feet or with bicycle to find what they need from nearby shops and restaurants. Sometimes at night, there will be seafood restaurants offering fresh seafood with a cheap price around the area.

Eco Farm Resort

Eco farm resort is often located at a little bit secluded area away from the City. The resort integrates the farm elements so the guests can experience and learn about things that are related to farming.

For the travelers who like to explore what is happening in town. This resort might not be suitable for them. This resort is suitable for those who wants to escape the hustle and the bustle of the city and learn more about farming while surrounded by trees and nature, These resorts would be the best choice.

Hill Resort

Hill Resort is usually located on Highlands. Pahang hosts the most number of highlands in Malaysia. Since most highlands in Pahang were founded and opened by the British pre independence. The hill resorts tend to have the Tudor English design.

Hill Resort can be found easily in Highlands like Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, Fraser’s Hill or Bukit Tinggi.