What to buy in Pahang

Fresh Produces

fresh produce

Image source: Shunsuke Kobayashi

Several highlands have cool climate that is suitable for planting vegetables and certain fruits especially strawberries. Fresh produces are sold cheaply and abundantly especially in Cameron Highland. Plantation, farms and farmers market can be found anywhere around the area.



Image source: Pok Din BatikÔÇÄ

Batik can be found easily at the east coast area of Pahang especially Kuantan and Cherating. There are several batik shops that sell hand made batik and also offer several workshops for interested visitors.

Keropok Lekor

keropok lekor

Image source: Zakia Fatma

Keropok lekor is a soft cracker made from the fish flesh mixed with flour then boiled before it will be fried. Keropok lekor can be found easily in several places especially around the east coast of Pahang.


Patin is a type of river fish that can be found abundantly in Pahang especially in Temerloh area. Temerloh locals and the visitors really love to eat Patin fish. There are several specialty dishes made with Patin fish as the main ingredient such as Patin pais, Patin tempoyak and grilled Patin.



Image source: Jorge Cancela

Durian is dubbed a king of fruit in Malaysia. Durian Pahang can be found easily especially during its fruiting season from June to August. Almost every part of Pahang is blessed with great soil for planting the durian trees.



Image source: Cameron Valley Tea

There’s only one place to find a great tea in peninsular Malaysia. It is located in Cameron Highland, Pahang. The highland hosts more than three tea plantations which are Boh Tea, CameronValley and Bharat Tea. There are many variation of tea type and flavors.



Image source: Nur Izdihar Mazlan

Tempoyak is a fermented durian flesh that is preserved and seasoned with salt and sugar. It is sour and has a unique taste that pairs very well with certain Malay dishes like masak asam, sambal or to be dipped as a condiment.