What food to eat in Pahang

The food in Pahang is as unique as it is delicious. Pahang’s food can please the most fussy eater and challenge the most adventurous. Let us whet your appetite with some of the local dishes that Pahang has to offer.

Sour Chicken Stew

Gulai masam ayam

Image source: Norita Othman‎

Chicken and tempoyak are quite a rare combination. Usually tempoyak is used with fish and other type of seafood to cut the fishy taste with its acidity and sour taste. However, in this case, the combination works. This dish is typically popular among the Pahang locals.

Asam Rong Stew

gulai asam rom

Image source: Haliza Sallehudin‎

Gulai Asam Rong is a sour and slightly bitter watered down stew made of processed rubber tree fruits called asam rong that looked like crushed peanuts. The word “asam” is referred to the method of preservation while “rong” is referred the flesh inside the fruit.

Black Sambal 

sambal hitam

Image source: Cik Pooja‎

Black sambal or sambal hitam is now the official sambal of Pahang. This sambal is specifically well known in a few regions in the state of Pahang, namely Temerloh, Jerantut, Raub & Kuala Lipis. The black colour of sambal is due to the usage of Averrhoa bilimbi (belimbing buluh) fruits which essential to this sambal making.

Badak Kubang Kuih

badak kubang

Image source: Suzita Herman‎

Badak Kubang kuih has a weird name and quite rare. When it is translated to English, badak kubang are literally translated to “hippo in a wallow”. Fret not, there is no actual hippo or mud involved in the making of this kuih. The kuih is very popular especially around the Chenor area as a snack or a dessert.

Torch Ginger Sambal 

sambal bunga kantan

Image source: Phaezah Hasbullah

Pahang is known for its variety of sambal. Another noteworthy sambal from Pahang is torch ginger sambal. This sambal is very popular especially in the Raub area. This sambal is often cooked with anchovies, coconut milk, bird chili, onion and garlic.

Kebuli Rice

Kebuli rice is originally a royal meal. Some says that Kebuli is a short form of “ke bawah duli” (Under his majesty). This rice dish is very popular in Kuala Lipis areas in particular. It is often served with marinated chicken or meat.

Pepena Kuih

Kuih Pepena

Image source: Ros Mawar‎

Pepena Kuih or kuih pepena is a kuih originated from Chenor, Pahang. The kuih itself is quite a rarity. The kuih is made from glutinous flour and shaped like a small star. The green color and its sweet scent are derived from the juice of the pandan leaf.

Beef Opor 

Opor daging

Image source: Lily Forizad‎

Beef opor is a rendang like dish that uses meat as its main ingredient. It is famous in Pahang especially at Pekan area. The dish takes a lot of time and patience to produce this dish. The average time taken range between five and six hours to complete.

Split Gill Mushroom Sambal

sambal kulat sisir

Image source: Mariani Said‎

Split gill mushroom sambal or better known as sambal kulat sisir is among the most memorable traditional Pahang dishes. The base for this sambal is the same with black sambal with an addition of split gill mushroom.

Patin Tempoyak Stew

patin tempoyak

Image source: Ann Iesha

Patin tempoyak stew is a very popular Pahang dish especially in Temerloh district. Its main ingredients are the catfish called patin and the fermented durian flesh called tempoyak. Other ingredients include chilies, Vietnamese coriander leaf, onion, live turmeric, salt and sugar.

Mahbob Kuih

Mahbob kuih is also known as General Mahbob’s kuih. This kuih is also a rarity and can only be found in Pekan area. According to the local, the name originates from the white generals who like to eat the kuih when they are drunk. Through times, the general mabuk is changed to general Mahbob.

Royal Pudding

Puding diraja

Image source: Shai Anne Ahemed‎

Royal pudding or Puding Raja is a traditional Malay dessert that is originated from Pekan. The desert was once only served to the royal family but now has been commercialized and can be eaten by everyone.

Patin Pais

Pais is the Malay word for grilled fish. Patin pais is a grilled patin fish that is slathered with thick, rich and creamy tempoyak paste. The fish is wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on a hot fire.