Around Kuantan

Kuantan is the capital city of Pahang. Known for its collection of beautiful beaches and waterfalls. It is a vibrant city where nature and modern attractions meet. Here are the attractions that Kuantan and its nearby regions has to offer. For more attractions around Pahang, do check North Pahang and South Pahang.

Sungai Lembing Museum

The Sungai Lembing Museum was built as a repository to treasures related to the tin ore mining industry in Pahang. It is located at one of the world’s oldest and largest tin ore mining site.

Charas / Panching Cave

Charas Cave

Image source : Murali Gopalen

Charas Cave is a 400-year-old limestone and granite located on the Charas Hill. Its highest peak is 355 meters above sea level. The cave is surrounded by oil palm fields.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

Cherating Turtle Conservation

Image Source : Turtle Cherating

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary was first opened to the public in 1988. It is located next to Club Med Asia. The sanctuary was established with the purpose of protecting the turtles from any danger that could risk and shorten their lifespan.

Kolong Pahat Hanging Bridge

Kolong Pahat Hanging Bridge

Image source : Chongkian

Kolong Pahat Hanging Bridge connects the main road to the village. It is said to be 125 years old. The hanging bridge overlooks the peaceful and beautiful Sungai Lembing.

The Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah’s Agricultural Park

The Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah’s Agricultural Park is located in Bandar Indera Mahkota. This nature paradise is a combination of natural forest reserve, orchards, vegetable plots and fish ponds.

Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque

Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque is located in the heart of Kuantan City nearby the Kuantan Municipal Council Field. It is named after the name of the first Pahang ruler, Sultan Ahmad Al-Mu’adzam Shah.

Bukit Gambang Water Park

Bukit Gambang Water Park is built in the natural hilly terrain and lush secondary jungle of 46 acres.

Gelora Park

Taman Gelora

Image source : Eva Chew‎

Taman Gelora is a recreational park that is located next to Royal Pahang Golf Course. The park offers a picturesque and peaceful environment for visitors who go there to do light exercise and intense workout.

Pahang Art Museum

Pahang Art Museum is a must-visit destination for art lovers. It hosts a variety of interesting exhibits in the form of visual art, photography, crafts or sculpture.

Teluk Cempedak

Teluk Cempedak

Image source : Conny Sandland

Teluk Cempedak is the most famous beach in Kuantan. There are wooden railings built along the beach to enable the visitors to enjoy the beautiful view of the beach.

Natural Batik Village

Natural Batik Village

Image source : Natural Batik Village

Natural Batik Village is located nearby the Balok Beach. The village is sure to give the visitors a taste of anything batik related. There are plenty of shops selling the high quality handicrafts made from batik and the textiles itself.

Padang MPK 1

Padang MPK 1

Image source : Anja Rulan Putra

Padang MPK 1 is located in front of Sultan Ahmad Shah I Mosque. The field is located in Jalan Mahkota strategically at the town center.

Bukit Gambang Safari Park

Bukit Gambang Safari park is the biggest safari park in Malaysia. Nestled within 138 acres of secondary jungle, the visitors will have the opportunity to see for themselves various animals there.

3D Gallery Sg Lembing

3D Gallery

Image Source : 3D Gallery SG Lembing

3D Gallery Sungai Lembing is an interesting place for art lovers to visit. The gallery is located in a two-storey shop house building and is filled with so many exciting paintings.

Mini Zoo Park Teruntum

Mini Zoo

Image Source : Putri Tipah

Mini Zoo Park Teruntum is really an attraction not to be missed if you are with children. With a very cheap entrance fee, you and your family will be able see all kinds of animals from iguana, mouse deer, ostrich, horn bills, monkeys and many more.

Cherating Beach

Cherating Beach

Image Source : BarbicanMan

Cherating is a very popular beach in Pahang. It is located at the fishing village with the same name. It has a white sandy beach and offers a beautiful view of South China Sea.

Pelangi Falls

Pelangi Falls

Image Source : Zharm Muhamad

Pelangi Falls is located near Sungai Lembing. The waterfall earn its name due to a unique phenomena where a rainbow or sometimes double rainbows can be seen at the falls almost on daily basis.

Sungai Pandan Waterfall

Sungai Pandan Waterfall is the largest multi tiered waterfall with a breathtaking view in Malaysia. It is located in Sungai Pandan, Kuantan.. It is located in Sungai Pandan, Kuantan.