South Pahang

Pahang is the biggest state in Peninsular Malaysia. There are plenty of attractions everywhere. Listed here are the attractions that can be found in South Pahang. If you want to discover more attractions, do visit for kids and nature attractions too.

Pulau Keladi Cultural Village

Pulau Keladi culture village

Image Source : Pahang Darul Makmur

Pulau Keladi Cultural Village is a complex that houses the home of Tun Abdul Razak whom was Malaysia 2nd prime minister, the Tun Abdul Razak Gallery, the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre and the Royal Pahang Weaving Skills Institute which offers a weaving classes and sell the woven products.

Sultan Abu Bakar State Museum

Image Source : Yosri

The Sultan Abu Bakar State Museum is a fascinating place to visit. Not only because it has a vast collection of interesting exhibits but also because of its location.

Water Transportation Gallery

water transport gallery

Image Source : Wan Islahuddin Wan Ali

The Water Transportation Gallery is located in front of the Abu Bakar State Museum. It is a very interesting open boat museum. Water transportation played an important role in the past social and economic development of Pahang.

Leban Tunggal Palace

Leban Tunggal Palace

Image source : Guillaume de Morency

Leban Tunggal Palace was built in 1935. It was named Leban tunggal since there is only one leban tree can be found in the palace area.

Abu Bakar Palace

Image source : Mrpresidentfaris

A.bu Bakar Palace was built in the early 1960s. It is located in Pekan, which is known as the Pahang royal town. The palace is the official palace for Sultan Pahang.

Mangga Tunggal Palace

Image source : Warisan Melayu Pahang

The Mangga Tunggal Palace is where the current Sultan Pahang whom is Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was born and raised.

Lake Chini

Lake Chini

Image Source : Airianah Othman

Lake Chini is the second largest freshwater lake in the country. It consists of 13 interconnecting water bodies. The lake is blessed with vast treasures of nature, which is rich in biological resources.

Bukit Ibam Blue Lake

Tasik Biru

Image source : Ctiey Husna

The blue lake is the largest and the deepest quarry lake ever recorded. The mining activity had increased the amount of soluble solid and heavy metals in the water. The chemical reactions between the rocks and the soil caused the water to look mesmerizing blue.

Tioman Island


Image source : Katja Hasselkus

The most famous island in Pahang is Tioman Island. It is also one of the most beautiful island in South East Asia. The island offers a relaxing experience with its tropical setting surrounded by a fascinating deep blue water for you to explore.

Rompin Entertainment Beach

Pantai Hiburan Rompin

Image Source : Sufni Adlan

Rompin Entertainment Beach or known in Malay as Pantai Hiburan is a long white sandy beach located alongside the casuarina trees. The beach is a popular picnic spot for families and friends who wants to relax and enjoy the scenery.