Attractions for kids in Pahang

Pahang is generally a kid friendly state to visit. Most of the major attractions are suitable for kids. However, if you want to spoil your kids with some kids attractions, here are some suggestions. If you still want to discover more attractions, take a look at Nature attractions that Pahang has to offer.

Around Kuantan

Bukit Gambang Water Park

Gambang Water Park

Image source : Bukit Gambang Water Park

Bukit Gambang Water Park is built in the natural hilly terrain and lush secondary jungle of 46 acres.

Bukit Gambang Safari Park

Bukit Gambang Safari park is the biggest safari park in Malaysia. Nestled within 138 acres of secondary jungle, the visitors will have the opportunity to see for themselves various animals there.

3D Gallery Sg Lembing

3D Gallery

Image Source : 3D Gallery SG Lembing

3D Gallery Sungai Lembing is an interesting place for art lovers to visit. The gallery is located in a two-storey shop house building and is filled with so many exciting paintings.

Sungai Lembing Museum

The Sungai Lembing Museum was built as a repository to treasures related to the tin ore mining industry in Pahang. It is located at one of the world’s oldest and largest tin ore mining site.

Mini Zoo Park Teruntum

Mini Zoo

Image Source : Putri Tipah

Mini Zoo Park Teruntum is really an attraction not to be missed if you are with children. With a very cheap entrance fee, you and your family will be able see all kinds of animals from iguana, mouse deer, ostrich, horn bills, monkeys and many more.

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary

Cherating Turtle Conservation

Image Source : Turtle Cherating

Cherating Turtle Sanctuary was first opened to the public in 1988. It is located next to Club Med Asia. The sanctuary was established with the purpose of protecting the turtles from any danger that could risk and shorten their lifespan.

North Pahang

Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands 

time tunnel cameron

Image source : Amelia Rodzman

The Time Tunnel in Cameron Highland is the first memorabilia museum in Malaysia. The museum is opened by a Cameron Highlands local named See Kok Shan.He is an avid collector and loves to collect memorabilia.

Big Red Strawberry Farm

big red strawberry farm

Image source : SINI KAKI

Big Red Strawberry Farm is an agricultural center that cultivates the strawberries, leafy vegetables and lettuces located in Cameron Highland.

Agro-Technology Park Mardi Cameron Highlands

The agro technology park is initially MARDI’s oldest research station in Malaysia. It was turned into an agro park in 2003.

Deerland Park Lanchang 

Deerland Park

Image Source : Deerland Park

Located in an untouched environment, Deerland Park Lancang is a home to 30 Indonesian deer. The visitors will get a chance to interact with the deer by feeding and stroking them.

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

Kuala Gandah Elephant

Image Source : LWYang

The Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary houses more than 20 orphaned elephants that were rescued from the forest areas where their habitat has been threatened either by farmers or poachers.

Kubang Gajah Waterpark

Kubang Gajah Waterpark is the latest attraction in Temerloh. It offers a big pool and plenty of fun water slides for the whole family to enjoy.

South Pahang

Rompin Entertainment Beach

Pantai Hiburan Rompin

Image Source : Sufni Adlan

Rompin Entertainment Beach or known in Malay as Pantai Hiburan is a long white sandy beach located alongside the casuarina trees. The beach is a popular picnic spot for families and friends who wants to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Water Transportation Gallery

water transport gallery

Image Source : Wan Islahuddin Wan Ali

The Water Transportation Gallery is located in front of the Abu Bakar State Museum. It is a very interesting open boat museum. Water transportation played an important role in the past social and economic development of Pahang.

Pulau Keladi Cultural Village

Pulau Keladi culture village

Image Source : Pahang Darul Makmur

Pulau Keladi Cultural Village is a complex that houses the home of Tun Abdul Razak whom was Malaysia 2nd prime minister, the Tun Abdul Razak Gallery, the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre and the Royal Pahang Weaving Skills Institute which offers a weaving classes and sell the woven products.