Natural Wonders

Pahang is the home to many waterfalls, mountains, islands and beaches. Come experience these natural wonders at its best.

Amazing Food

To many, Pahang is the core of traditional Malay delicacies. Experience unique food that can satisfy and challenge your taste buds.

History & Heritage

The royal town of Pekan, the abandoned Iron Ore mines or the Mesolithic archaeological site. Where should we start?

Pahang For Everyone

Unique Attractions

I love Cameron Highland

Pahang is blessed with plenty of unique nature and cultural attractions. Discover and enjoy the ultimate nature experience when visiting Pahang.

Exotic Shopping Experience

Pekan Sehari

Come experience an exotic shopping experience ranges from traditional items and local delicacies.

One of a kind Events

Moh Ngemping

Image source: Pahang Tourism

Enjoy cultural festivities and one of a kind event with the locals.

Welcoming Stays

bukit fraser

Just pick any place to stay, you will be received with warm welcome and feel like home immediately.

Tasty Local Delicacies

Puding diraja

Image source: Shai Anne Ahemed‎

Let your tongue explore the savory taste of the local Pahang delicacies.

Learn About Pahang

To love Pahang is to know learn about it. Once you know Pahang, you will be infatuated by this place.

What People Have to Say

Hear what people have to say about about Pahang.

Pahang – a large state in Peninsular Malaysia is famous for its mountains, rain forests and beaches with clean and white sand and beautiful coral reefs.


Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia, after Sarawak and Sabah, and the largest in Peninsular Malaysia. It has the longest river in Peninsular Malaysia the Pahang River), and by far the most ethnically diverse state on the East Coast, with a large Malay majority but quite a substantial Chinese presence in cities, towns and some rural areas, some Indians, and the largest number of Orang Asli (aboriginal people) in any state on the peninsula. 


While not nearly half as famous as the other states in Malaysia, Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, is the perfect choice if you wish to kick back and experience a vacation slightly off the beaten track.

Eleanor Tan