Where to Stay in Melaka

Here are the best areas or districts to stay while visiting Melaka. For a look at the various types of accommodation Melaka has to offer, look at the types of accommodation in Melaka.


Klebang Beach

Source: Chongkian

Klebang is located at the west side of Bandar Melaka. This place is suitable for people who come with the family and drive their own vehicles.

The place hosts attractions such as Submarine Museum, a man made Klebang beach and Dataran 1 Malaysia.

This place is also known for it’s coconut shake and a local kueh called keria that is coated with palm sugar.

Bandar Melaka

Bandar Melaka is the capital city of Melaka. It is notable for its historical architecture and the remnants of European colonization in Melaka. Hence, the city has the highest amount of hotels, shopping malls and eateries.

Most of the attractions are a walking distance from each other. For the tourist who likes a lively environment and a happening nightlife, Bandar Melaka is a suitable area for them to stay.

Ayer Keroh

Ayer keroh

Ayer Keroh is located at the east side of Melaka. This place is the first place the tourist will go through if they enter Melaka via Ayer Keroh exit from the PLUS highway.

This place hosts several attractions including the Melaka Zoo, the Malacca Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary, Melaka Bird Park, and Taman Mini Malaysia & ASEAN.

This place is more suitable for the people with family especially those with young children since the environment is more peaceful.

Alor Gajah

Alor Gajah

Source: Chongkian

Alor Gajah is located at the northern part of Melaka. The place is is quite peaceful and less hectic than the city center.

It also hosts several interesting attractions such as A’Famosa Resort, A’Famosa Premium Outlet, Alor Gajah Square and many more. There’s also a very famous medan selera that sells cucur udang located in Alor Gajah.

This place is suitable for families and for those who drive their own vehicles.

Jonker Street

Jonker Street is the most popular district in Melaka. It is a haven for people who loves antiquities and vintage items. It is also filled with stalls that sell delicious and savory Malaccan cuisines.

This place is located at the center of Chinatown and hosts plenty of bag packer hostels, budget hotels, and guesthouses. Most of the attractions, cafes, restaurants and bars are walking distance from each other.

This place is suitable for bag packers, solo travelers and those who don’t drive their own private vehicles because the parking space is very limited.

Kampung Morten

Kampung Morten

Source: Chongkian

Kampung Morten is an old Malay settlement  that is already classified as a national heritage site.

This Malay village is recognized as a living museum that preserves the traditional Malay architecture and conservative olden-days lifestyle.

For those who love to enjoy the traditional malay culture and architecture. This place will suit them.

Ujong Pasir

Ujong pasir

Source: Chongkian

Ujong Pasir is located at the south side of Bandar Melaka. It hosts several interesting spots including Portuguese Settlement and Melaka Straits Mosque.

It also hosts a variety of eateries that sell Malaccan’s delicacies such as Asam Pedas Pak Man, Portuguese Square Food Court and many more.

This place is suitable for people who wants to experience something unique.