Getting to Melaka

Here is how you can get to Melaka. To get around Melaka, look here.

By Air

Melaka Airport

The fastest way to go to Melaka is by air transportation. The airport in Melaka is known as Melaka International Airport. It is located in Batu Berendam. It is 20 minutes ride to Bandar Melaka. To date, the airport serves two airlines: Air Asia and Malindo. However, the routes are quite limited. The airlines only cater the flight to Kota Bharu, Langkawi, Pekanbaru and Penang.

By land

Melaka sentral

Melaka is located at the west side of Malaysia Peninsular. The state is very well connected by land. If the travelers drive a car as a main transportation or take the bus, there are two highways connecting Melaka from the north and south. The highways are PLUS highway and AMJ expressway.

Driving from the east coast is quite challenging because there’s still no highway connecting the southern part of Malaysia Peninsular to the east coast side of the peninsular. However, the old road is properly maintained and safe to be used.

As for the bus service, Melaka has one big terminal called Melaka Sentral. Almost all the buses from all over Peninsular Malaysia will make a stop here.

By Water


Melaka is located at the middle east side of  Mallaca Strait. In order to reach Melaka, the travelers from the west have to cross the Mallaca Strait. There are ferry services available for that purpose. The name of the ferry terminal is Jeti Shahbandar. It connects Melaka to the neighboring countries.