Recommended Attractions in Melaka

If you have extra time after visiting the top attractions in Melaka, you should try these other recommended attractions. If you want something different, try looking at the attractions that are off the beaten track.

Melaka River Cruise 

The Melaka River Cruise is an alternative for the visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Melaka City without facing the nightmare of traffic congestion. It operates day and night.

Melaka Zoo

zoo melaka

Source: Zoo Melaka

The Melaka zoo is Malaysia’s second largest and houses more than 1200 animals from 215 different species. The main attractions of the Zoo are the Sumatran Rhinoceros and the Asian Elephants. Both species are almost facing extinction.

Villa Sentosa 

Villa Sentosa or also known as “The Malay Living Museum” is a traditional Malay house located in Kampung Morten.

Kampung Hulu Mosque

Masjid kampung hulu

Source: Chongkian

Kampung Hulu Mosque was built in 1728, it is the third oldest mosque in Malaysia and aged over 280 years old. Despite its old age, the mosque is still in used till now.

History and Ethnography Museum

Muzium Sejarah dan Etnografi

Source: Perzim

The History and Ethnography Museum is located in the colonial Stadthuys building. The museum is divided into two floors. The first level exhibits the history of Malacca and the second level is dedicated to the ethnographic section.

Kampung Kling Mosque 

Kampung Kling Mosque has been declared a historical monument in 1999. This unique mosque combines east and west influences on its architecture.

St. Paul Church

St. Paul Church is the oldest church building in Southeast Asia. It is located at the top of St. Paul Hill. Today, the church is part of the Malacca Museum Complex that comprises the ruins of A Famosa, The Stadthuys and other historic buildings.

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

Cheng Ho museum

Source: Chongkian

The museum is dedicated to Admiral Cheng Ho. He was an admiral from the land of China. Born in 1371 in Hodai, a village in Yunan, Cheng Ho was also a famous sailor.

Christ Church

Christ church

Source: P.J. Gardner

Christ Church is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. After the Dutch ousted Portuguese from Melaka, there was a transition from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism.