Attractions for kids in Melaka

Melaka is generally a kids-friendly place to visit. Most of the major attractions are suitable for kids. However, if you want to spoil your kids with some kids attractions, here are some suggestions.

Melaka Skytrex

Melaka Skytrex is an outdoor obstacle park that challenges the participants physical ability to perform and complete the obstacle course. There are three level of difficulties and the children can also take part in the activities.

A Famosa Resort

A Famosa Resort is a holiday resort consists of a water theme park, a golf course, a safari and accommodation ranging from apartment units to the villas. The new addition to the place is a shopping place called Freeport A Famosa Outlet.

Melaka Bird Park

The Melaka bird park is the first open aviari park in Melaka. It is also the largest bird park in Asia. The bird park is located in Ayer Keroh and is a home to 700 local and foreign bird species.

The Shore Sky Tower

The Shore Sky Tower is the tallest building in Melaka. it has 43 floors. The roof top offers a view of up to 50 kilometers in every direction. You can see the entire Melaka town from here.

Melaka Crocodile Park & Recreation

Malacca Crocodile Park is a home to over 100 species of crocodiles. Among them are America Alligator, Crocodile Marsh Mugger India, Crocodile Cayman and others.

The Shore Oceanarium

The Shore Oceanarium is located at the level two of The Shore Shopping Mall. Here,the visitors will have the opportunity to learn about various species of marine animals and their habitats.

Melaka Wonderland

Melaka Wonderland consists of a water theme park and a resort. It is a located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. This place is ideal for the whole family, especially children.

Melaka Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary

Butterfly park

Source: Sham Hardy

The Melaka & Reptile Sanctuary has been in existence for more than 27 years. It houses more than 20 butterfly species as well as reptiles and some other species.

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort

Bayoo Lagoon Resort

Source: Bayou Lagoon

Bayou Lagoon Park is a multi-functional resort. It has apartment units, a water theme park and a shopping mall in one place.