Unique Heritage

Sitting at the crossroad of the ancient maritime trade route, Melaka hosts a living example of Malay, Portuguese, Baba Nyonya, Chinese and Indian influences in culture, religion, architecture and art.

Amazing Food

To many, Melaka is the melting pot of various traditional delicacies. Experience food that can satisfy and challenge every palate.

Great Unity

Despite differences in race and tradition, Melaka people can live together in harmony.

Melaka For Everyone

Historical Attractions

The Stadhuys

Melaka city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique architectural and history of colonization. Need we say more?

Unique Shopping Experience

Jonker street1

Come experience a unique shopping experience from antiques, souvenirs, traditional items and local delicacies.

Happening Events

melaka arts and Performance

Enjoy cultural performance and celebrates important events with the locals.

Welcoming Stays

Bandar Melaka

Just pick any place to stay, you will be received with warm welcome and feel like home immediately.

Tasty Food

Pai Tee

Let your tongue explore the tasty and savoury taste of the local Melaka delicacies.

Fall in love

I love Melaka

To love Melaka is to know Melaka. Once you know Melaka, you will be infatuated by this place.

What People Have to Say

Hear what the people have to say about Melaka.

The city itself is incredibly modern, but the old town that centers around Jonker St. is a different world. Old, really, really old, and stunningly beautiful.


Melaka (Malacca) is one of the most historic destinations in all of Malaysia. With an old town that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Melaka is filled with charming Peranakan shophouses, old churches, unusual-looking mosques and one of the best restored old towns in the country. 


If you want to discover a more exciting, ancient, tranquil, and richer Malaysian culture, then you definitely have to go to Malacca.

Lisa Nguyen