Getting to Kuala Lumpur

Here is how you can get to Kuala Lumpur. To get around Kuala Lumpur, look here.

By Air

The fastest way to go to Kuala Lumpur if distance is put into play is by air transportation. Kuala Lumpur has three airports within its vicinity.

The closest to Kuala Lumpur is Subang Airport. It was once a main international airport for Malaysia. However, its function has been replaced by KLIA. It stills however host domestic flight services, flight services to certain neighbouring countries, cargo aircraft and private jets. There is a rail service provided by KTM Komuter that connects the airport straight to KL Sental.

The other two airports are KLIA and KLIA 2. KLIA has replaced Subang Airport as the main airport since it was opened to public in 1998. To date it hosts 49 airline operators worldwide. It has won numerous awards since its opening and is one of the top five airports in the world. It was voted three times as the World’s Best Airport in the 2005 AETRA awards, 2006 ACI-ASQ awards and 2007 ACI-ASQ awards.

KLIA2 on the other hand focused more on the operation of the low-cost carrier. The biggest operator is AirAsia. It is bigger than KLIA since there is also a shopping mall sharing the building with the airport.

Both KLIA and KLIA2 are connected by a rail service called KLIA EXPRESS (ERL) to KL Sentral.

By Land

Kuala Lumpur is very well connected by land. If the travellers drive a car as a main transportation or take the bus, there are highways connecting Kuala Lumpur from the north and the south side called PLUS highway. It is the longest highway in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is also connected from the east via East Coast Highway. As for the train service, KTM Berhad offers train services coming from the north and the south of Kuala Lumpur. There used to be a train service connecting Kuala Lumpur from the east side. However, the line cease operating in 2014 due to critical damage caused by the biggest flood in the history of Malaysia in the east coast area. According to KTM they are still working on repairing the railways to be used again in the future.

By Water

Kuala lumpur is a landlocked city. It is not possible to use water transport as a mode of transportation to reach Kuala Lumpur. The nearest port is Port Klang. Those who take the cruise or come to Malaysia by ship can embark in Port Klang and commute to KL Sentral via KTM Komuter service.