Amazing Food

To many, Kuala Lumpur is the food capital of the world. Experience food that can satisfy and challenge every palate.

Capital of Malaysia

As the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur hosts many grand government and national buildings and organisations. Come see what the best of Malaysia has to offer.

Cultural Crossroads

Kuala Lumpur is home to Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians. Come experience this amazing cultural crossroad.

Kuala Lumpur for Everyone

Kuala Lumpur is a cultural crossroad. Whatever your background or passion, Kuala Lumpur has something to offer.

Top Attractions

Come experience the best that Kuala Lumpur has to offer. World class attractions with a Malaysian touch.

Recommended Attractions

Still got time to spare after visiting the top attractions? Kuala Lumpur has more to offer.

Off the Beaten Track

What to experience Kuala Lumpur in a different way? Have a look at these options.


Have kids? Fear not. Kuala Lumpur can keep the little ones excited and engaged.


Kuala Lumpur has a tropical climate and is never far from pristine rainforests.

Beyond KL

Kuala Lumpur is situated near the geographical centre of Peninsula Malaysia. It is the best location to explore other parts of Malaysia.

What Locals Have to Say

Hear what our local residents have to say about their home.

Come with an empty stomach. Nobody can resist the amazing food in KL. 

Thomas Tan
KL resident since birth

After a stressful week at work, the first thing I do during weekends is to head out to one of the many forests surrounding KL.

Mohammad Effendi
KL resident since starting his first job

The view of the KL skyline from the top of KL Tower at night is simply amazing.

Harpreet Kaur
KL resident since learning how to walk