What to buy in Johor


Johor has lots of delicious food offer. The influence of Javanese community on top of Malay, Chinese and India community really brings out the unique quality of their delicacies.

Wooden Furniture

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Johor is known as one of the biggest manufacturer and suppliers of wooden furniture. The furniture usually is made from teak wood (Jati). The wood is strong and could last long with proper care.

Coffee Beans

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Johor is also famous for its coffee. In every market, there will be a stall selling coffee beans that are roasted traditionally. Be it ground or in the seed form, the strong aroma of the coffee is enough to attract the people’s attention. A famous coffee from Johor is Kopi 434.


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Johor is blessed with its multi ethnic community. Hence, there are variety of spices from every inch of the world can be found here if you know where to look. The spices can be found in any morning market or night market around Johor.


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Johor is the biggest manufacturer of various chips and crackers. Visitors can find any type of chips from tapioca, banana, breadfruit, jackfruit, beet, yam and many others. There are also variety of flavor such as salted, smoked, barbecue, sweet chili coating. Beside chips, there are rice crackers and seafood crackers.


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Malaysia is a land of rich culture and history. You will be able to find a lot of antiques and old items still harboring around Johor. One of the common places to find old and antiques items is Pasar Karat.