Markets & Malls in Johor


KSL Pasar Malam

Image source: ZD G+

KSL Pasar Malam only opens on Monday. It stretches from KSL Shopping Centre to the Grand Paragon Hotel. The market offers a variety of fresh produce, as well as, cooked food. Besides, the visitors can also find cheap glittery ornaments, watches, cosmetics, phone covers & accessories, apparels and groceries.

Pasar Karat JB

Image source: Pasar Karat JB FB

Pasar Karat JB is the biggest flea market in Johor. It opens daily at night. It is one of the famous attractions in Johor Bahru. The visitors can find brand new, second-hand or knock out goods here. There are selection of watches, clothes, phone accessories, toys, jewelries, housewares, sunglasses, perfumes, beauty and personal care items, cosmetics, bags, shoes and vintage goods including books, vinyl record, posters and other antique items sold at a really cheap prices.

Battery Factory JB

Image source: Chongkian

This place was previously a battery factory. Retaining its name, the management has turned tit into a highly Instaworthy shopping and food square. The place is popular with the younger crowd. The cafes and the shops are housed in containers. Most of the eateries open from late afternoon onwards. There is a mini amusement center that offers arcade machines, kiddie rides and even a small bouncing castle for the kids.

Meldrum Walk

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Meldrum Walk is located along Jalan Medrum in Johor bahru. It offers all kinds of street delicacies by all the majority races in Johor with additional Javanese influence. Some of the notable dishes to try are mutton soup, ayam penyet, nasi padang, oyster omelette, BBQ chicken wings, chicken rice, char kuey teow, popiah and many more. Most of the stalls open from 5 pm onwards.

Taman Puteri Wangsa Pasar Malam

Taman Puteri Wangsa pasar malam night market opens every Friday. It offers a variety of food options and other stuffs. The arrays of food include street food and traditional food like carrot cakes, satay, Penang laksa, chendol, assorted kueh, fried food, pancakes, roasted meat and more. Apart from the cooked food, visitors can also buy vegetables, raw meat, raw chicken, seafood and fruits here.

Taman Pelangi Morning Market

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Taman Pelangi morning market sells local produce like organic vegetables, local meat and seafood. People can also find cooked food. There are stalls that provide seating for the customers who wants to enjoy the quick bite. Potted herbal plant can also be found here.


Paradigm Mall

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru is the largest mall in Johor. It is located at the heart of the Skudai district. The seven-storey mall spans over 1.3 million square feet. It hosts over 500 outlets that offer the best entertainment, fashion and delicacies such as Parkson, Village Grocer, Blue Ice Skating Rink, Golden Screen Cinema, Camp 5 and many more.

Johor Premium Outlet

Johor Premium Outlet is a luxury premium outlet. It is the first of its kind in the South East Asian region. The outlet is decorated with water fountain and green landscape that are the staple signature of the Premium Outlet. The food court offers an elegant atmosphere with the influence of colonial style of architecture.

Komtar JBCC

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Komtar JBCC is a shopping mall in Johor Bahru that is adjacent to Johor Bahru City Square. The mall hosts various cafes, a modern supermarket, an array of retailers and shops and also a souk bazaar. The Angry Birds Activity Park is located at the 3rd level of this mall.

KSL City

Image source: Chongkian

KSL City is an integrated shopping mall development in Johor Bahru. It consists of a shopping mall and two towers that host the Resort Hotel. The mall hosts 500 retail outlets, a theater and a water theme park. The two towers on the other hand consists of 869 hotel rooms and 602 condominiums.

Johor Bahru City Square

Image source: JBCS official website

Johor Bahru City Square is located in the heart of Johor Bahru. It is also known as a central landmark in JB. It has more than 300 retailers. The visitors can find stuffs  from clothes, shoes, bags, trinkets, toiletries, electronic toys , salon and many more. It also has a cinema.

Danga City Mall

Image source: Chongkian

Danga City Mall is a shopping mall in Johor Bahru. It houses a variety of entertainment facilities. It also host a bowling center, several  IT and mobile phone outlets and a home furnishing store. There is also an expo hall for exhibition.