Nature Attractions in Johor

Johor has an abundance of nature attractions. If you are interested in other attractions in Johor, look at the top attractions in Johor or attractions for kids in Johor.

Around Johor Bahru and Iskandar Region

Hutan Bandar MBJB

Hutan Bandar is located between Jalan Tasek Utara Road and Jalan Yahya Awal, Johor Bahru. It covers an area of ​​50 acres and only about 1.5 km from the city center. The forest was developed by the Research and Consultancy Unit of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 1987. The aim is to create a special recreation that integrates with the original element and minimize the tree cutting.

Zoo Johor

Zoo Johor is one of the oldest zoos in Malaysia. It was built in 1928 by His Royal Highness Almarhum Sultan Sir Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar as an animal garden. In 1962, the zoo was handed over to Johor State Government and opened to the public.

Taman Merdeka

Taman Merdeka is a recreational park that opened in 2011. It is established to commemorate the nation’s struggle to achieve independence. It consists of nine lawns. Each of the lawn depicting a different phase in the history relating to the fight for the independence.

Beyond Johor Bahru and Iskandar Region

Pulau Rawa

Pulau Rawa is a coral island in Mersing District, Johor. The name “Rawa” comes from the local term for white doves, which can be found easily in the island. It is also coined as “Maldives of Johor”. The island is relatively small. There are no proper roads, hence people often walk or cycle around the island. One side of the island is a beach while the other side has a rocky vertical cliff. The island’s beaches have fine, powdery white sand and is probably the best in all Malaysia.

Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls is one of the most treasured waterfalls and the main attractions in Johor. It is located 15km from Kota Tinggi town and around 60km from Johor Bahru. The waterfall offers an ideal place for family bonding activities and also a nice spot for swimming and also picnic activities.


Gunung Ledang

Gunung Ledang is located in Tangkak, Johor. It is the highest mountain in Johor. It had been gazetted as a Johor National Park in 2005. The size of the park is 8,611 hectares. Gunung ledang is also a popular spot for mountain climbers. It takes four to five hours to climb to the top. The visitors will have plenty to explore as they climb their way up. Among the trails available are the Asahan Trail, Lagenda Trail, Ayer Panas Trail and Jementah Trail.

Kukup Island National Park

Pulau Kukup National Park is the second largest uninhabited mangrove forests in the world. It is located at the most southern part of Johor, 1 kilometers offshore the main land. In the interest of preserving its unique habitat, Kukup Island was gazetted a national park at 1997 under the Johor State Park Corporation Enactment 1989. The aim of the national park is to preserve the natural ecosystem of the island, which is a home to abundance of flora and fauna.

Tanjung Piai National Park

Tanjung Piai is a cape located in Pontian, Johor. The name Tanjung Piai is derived after a local fern, known as the “Paku Piai’. The Tanjung Piai National Park covers 526 hectares of mangroves and another 400 hectares of inter-tidal mudflats. It is an interesting place to visit due to its many unique features.

Firefly Valley Leisure Park

Firefly Valley Leisure Park is located on the Kota Tinggi River Bank. It is situated in heart of palm tree estate. It provides the visitors the opportunity to watch fireflies in their habitat. Fireflies are not a common sight in the cities and their population has quickly diminished due to development.

Desaru Beach 

 Desaru Beach lies at the very south eastern tip of Johor. Desaru Beach is among the best  and the prettiest beach in Johor. The golden sandy beach stretches six kilometers long and is lined with casuarina tree. It offers warm and fresh swimming waters for visitors. Its shallow waters also extend well out to sea and it’s free of jellyfish. Hence, it provides an ideal and safe environment for kids and less confident swimmers.

Gunung Pulai 

Gunung Pulai is a 654 meters tall mountain located in Kulai, Johor. It is also a dipterocarp forest highland. It is also a famous spot for mountain climbers. Besides mountain climbing, the mountain offers attractions such as Pulai Waterfall and Mount Pulai Recreational Forest 1 and 2. The visitors can indulge in activities such as swimming, picnicking, trekking and strolling there.