Natural Wonders

Johor is the home to many waterfalls, mountains, islands and beaches. Come experience these natural wonders at its best.

World Class Attractions

The Iskandar region is home to many world class attractions. Come play in this playground of the world.

Cultural Identity

Johor has a strong and unique mix of cultural identity. Experience the warm and welcoming hospitality of Bangsa Johor.

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Top Attractions

Come experience the best that Johor has to offer. World class attractions with a Malaysian touch.

Recommended Attractions

Still got time to spare after visiting the top attractions? Johor has more to offer.

Off the Beaten Track

What to experience Johor in a different way? Have a look at these options.


Have kids? Fear not. Johor can keep the little ones excited and engaged.


Johor is famous for its natural wonders. It is blessed with endless forests, mountains, waterfalls and beaches.

Beyond Johor

Sitting on the tip of continental Asia, Johor is the southern gateway to Malaysia.

What Locals Say

Hear what Johoreans have to say about their home.

During the weekends, you can find me in the many forests, beaches or golf courses in Johor.

Johor resident since 2008.

I hope that by putting good Johor hawkers and restaurants on the World Wide Web, more people will come to realise that Johor is truly a food paradise.

Tony (JohorKaki)
Enjoying food in Johor for over 20 years.

I love the theme parks!

Johor resident since birth (7 years ago)