Pelangi Falls

Pelangi Falls

Pelangi Falls is located near Sungai Lembing. The waterfall earn its name due to a unique phenomena where a rainbow or sometimes double rainbows can be seen at the falls almost on daily basis especially around 8.00 a.m reflected by the morning sun when it breaks through the clouds.

In order to reach the falls, the visitors has to ride 4 wheel jeeps and then walk up to the river before climbing uphill. The journey is quite challenging and is not suitable for small children, however it will be well worth it. The view is simply stunning.

Image by : Zharm Muhamad

Operation Hours

Daily : 24 Hours


There’s no entrance fee.

4WD package : RM 60.00 per person


Air Terjun Pelangi, Sungai Lembing, Pahang.

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Hear From Others

What an amazing place! You should absolutely make a trip to Rainbow Waterfall and see it for yourself. Just remember to keep the place clean, take out your rubbish with you ?



The reward at the end of the jungle and rock trail was one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls I have ever seen. I arrived at the falls at about 9 in the morning, just in time to see the gorgeous rainbow at the base of the falls. It stretched from one end of the falls to the other, with its colors so vivid and distinct.

Mynn Lee

Your luck on seeing the rainbow will depends on the sun and the waterfall mist. There are occasions when there is a full beautiful view of the rainbow and times where hikers see nothing but water.


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