Cherating Beach

Cherating Beach

Cherating is a very popular beach in Pahang. It is located at the fishing village with the same name. It has a white sandy beach and offers a beautiful view of South China Sea. The beach is a also a very popular among the beach surfer.

Besides surfing, the visitors can spend their time doing other water activities such as yachting, surfing kayaking and swimming. Island hopping and river cruise are also available.

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Operation Hours

Daily : 24 Hours


There’s no entrance fee.


Pantai Cherating, 26080, Pahang, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

Cherating beach is one of the few beaches in Peninsula Malaysia with waves good enough for surfing.


In Pahang, Cherating, is by far one of the most popular place to surf in Malaysia.


Cherating Beach is nice and clean. The interesting part is it has white sand beach which is very lovely.


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