Lake Chini

Lake Chini

Lake Chini is the second largest freshwater lake in the country. It consists of 13 interconnecting water bodies. The lake is blessed with vast treasures of nature, which is rich in biological resources. Some part of the lake is occupied by the aborigine from the Jakun tribe.

According to the historians, it is said that there is an ancient Khmer Old Town at the bottom of the lake. However, till today it is yet unknown whether the claim is true or not. On the other hand, according to the local legend, the lake is guarded by a mythical creature named Naga Sri Gumum. There’s also a local movie made in the 60’s called Naga Tasik Chini depicting the said monster.

The best time to visit Lake Chini is from August to September because these are the time frame when the lake is covered with thousands of white and pink water lilies. When these flowers bloom, the lake area looks like a floating multi colored garden.

Image by : Airianah Othman

Operation Hours

Tasik Chini Research Centre
Monday – Friday : 9.00 a.m -5.00 p.m
Weekend : Closed

Boat ride
Daily :9.00 a.m – 3.00 p.m



Lake Chini Research Centre : No entrance fee

Boat Ride : RM 250.00 (the whole day)


Tasik Chini, Chini, Pahang, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

By day, it is an ode to creation, a joyous rippling blue in the breeze and sunshine. Yet, tranquil and still after the last evening boat returns to its mooring post, it changes moods, taking on a quiet charm as if awaiting a lover.

Paula Tan

Calm and beautiful the serenity of Lake Chini belies the many secrets that it holds and hides.


this is it…this is worth the trip … just to be at one with the lake..Birds can be heard all round..deep behind the veil of vines and foliage, melodious singing lures strangers like sirens of the mermaid.


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