Kuala lipis

Kuala Lipis

Kuala Lipis is a cozy little town tucked away in a corner between the rainforest reserves and the plantations. It is located at the confluence of Lipis River and Jelai River.

A Neolithic stone tool known as “Tembling knife” was unearthed by archaeologists in Kuala Lipis. It indicates that the earliest civilisation of the place started as early as between 4,500 – 2,500 years ago.

Some of the village’s attractions are the beautiful colonial house known as Kuala Lipis Rest House, the Kenong Rimba Park, The Lipis District old Office, the Hugh Clifford school, the Pahang Club, Lipis Zoo, Lipis Heritage Museum, Kuala Lipis Night Market and many more.

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 Operating Hours

Daily : 24 Hours

Shops : 8.00 a.m – 8.00 p.m


Entrance fee varied according to the attractions.


Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

The highlight of the ‘off the beaten path’ tour was the visit to the confluence of the Jelai and the Lipis rivers. The difference in the colours of the waters that separates the two rivers could be seen here.


The city has a ‘forgotten’ feel about it and since the re-siting of the state capital to Kuantan it seems that visitors seldom stop here so, once again our white faces are in the minority. It’s not a bad place though and well worth the one and a half days we’ve spent here.


When you reach Kuala Lipis, i strongly recommend you to try out some good foods around Lipis especially at the Hawker centre. There are variety of good foods at there.

Natalie Tan

Nearby Attractions

Kuala Tahan National Park

Kuala Tahan National Park of better known as Taman Negara is the first and the oldest official Protected Area in Malaysia. The park is estimated at 130 million years old, making it one of the oldest rain forests in the world.

Fraser’s Hill

Fraser’s Hill in general has long been a popular highland destination in Pahang besides Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands and Bukit Tinggi. The hill features many popular attractions such as a clock tower, a horse riding center, bird interpretive center, a dam, several nurseries and a waterfalls.

Bukit Tinggi Berjaya Hills

bukit tinggi berjaya

Image source : Sunil Soundarapandian

Bukit Tinggi is a highland located in Bentong, Pahang. It has lots of breathtaking scenery. It hosts a small village that was inspired by a French Village called Colmar in France.

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