Temerloh Esplanade

Temerloh Esplanade

Temerloh Esplanade is located at the shore of the Pahang. The esplanade features a waterfront on the banks of the Pahang river and Semantan river. There is a hanging bridge that connects Temerloh Esplanade to Dataran Patin, which is located nearby.  The height of the bridge is 40.22 meters and is 86 meters long.

There is also a boat service that crosses the river to the nearby Kampung Bangau. The visitors can take the boat to admire the beauty of the Pahang River. It is also very relaxing to laze and hang out by the river. There are also plenty of food stalls for the visitors to feast on.

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Operation Hours

Daily : 24 Hours


There is no entrance fee.


8, Jalan Semantan 1, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

The rustic esplanade by the mighty Pahang River at Temerloh have been the traditional meeting point for traders,friends and enemy since time immemorial and had since lost most of its significance with other mode of land transport taking over.

Thomas Lee

Essentially this so called Esplanade is a project beautifying the river bank of the Pahang River. 


The esplanade platform is nicely cemented and is equipped with orange-shaped seats for visitors to enjoy the river view. There is also a shaded area with seats.



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