Natural Batik Village

Natural Batik Village

Natural Batik Village is located nearby the Balok Beach. The village is sure to give the visitors a taste of anything batik related. There are plenty of shops selling the high quality handicrafts made from batik and the textiles itself.

The Natural Batik Village also offers visitors the opportunity to paint their own DIY batik to suit their taste and creativity with minimal fee. The finished batik can be brought home as a souvenir.

The visitors will be able to see how themselves the batik making process from the start to finish.

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Operating Hours

Daily : 10.00 a.m – 7.00 p.m


There’s no entrance fee.


Kampung Cengal Lempung, 26100 Balok, Pahang, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

If you are in this area, don’t just drop by. Roll up your sleeves and paint your own batik. It is fun.


We also came across to know that this center also provide lesson for the first timer or enthusiast to learn up the batik making process. One also can make their own master piece over here. I would say this place is worth to visit to learn more about batik.

HS & Serene

This is the place for visitors to get all kinds of ‘ole-ole’ or souvenir from Kuantan all under one roof. Being mainly a batik factory, visitors can also watch live batik demonstration.


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