Kuih Mahbob

Mahbob Kuih

Mahbob kuih is also known as General Mahbob’s kuih. This kuih is also a rarity and can only be found in Pekan area. According to the local, the name originates from the white generals who like to eat the kuih when they are drunk. Through times, the general mabuk is changed to general Mahbob.

The kuih is usually made for celebrating certain occasions. Among the ingredients to make this kuih are fried rice flour, coconut milk and sugar. The ingredients are mixed together and steamed. Once the kuih is cooked, the top of the cake will be sprinkled with pre-made oil dough made of concentrated fried coconut milk. This oil give a pleasant aroma that is quite appetizing.

Image by: Twintech International University College Of Technology – Kelantan Campus

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