independence day melaka

Independence Day

Malaysia Independence day is also known as The Merdeka day. It refers to the day when the Federation of Malaya officially gain its independence from the British Empire. To commemorate the event, Hari Merdeka was declared a national holiday in Malaysia and observed annually on 31 August.

The declaration of independence was first made in Melaka. The very ground of the where the declaration was made is now a memorial called Proclamation of Independence Memorial. The Merdeka Parade often begins and end at Stadium Hang Tuah where the official celebration is held. Lots of participants especially from the government agencies will parade along the road and give respects to the Yang Di Pertuan Besar and the state leaders.

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Where to go?

In the morning, Merdeka parade is held annually along the road from Bandar Hilir to Stadium Hang Tuah.


Merdeka day is celebrated every 31st August annually.


There is no charge or entrance fee for the parade.

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