Fiesta San Pedro

Fiesta San Pedro is a major event celebrated annually by the Portuguese community living in Melaka. The fiesta observes the feast of St. Peter, which is believed to be the patron saint of fishermen. St Peter has a special position among the community back then when their main livelihood depended the the fishing activity.

Every year, the tourists will come to the settlement to join the celebration. Activities such as traditional games, stage shows, singing and cultural performances are often held in conjunction with the celebration.

The candles are lit as a symbolic for guidance be it at life or at the sea.

Image by: Festa San Pedro – Melaka, Malaysia

Where to go?

The fiesta is held annually at the Portuguese Settlement, Ujong Pasir, Melaka.


It celebrated on 29th June each year.


There is no entrance fee. Everyone is welcomed to join.

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