krismas melaka


Christmas Day is celebrated by the Christians in Melaka. It is celebrated on 25th December annually to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Two weeks before Christmas, the Christians usually set up the Christmas trees at home and decorate them.

On the eve of Christmas, the Christians would dress up in new clothes and visit the church to participate in the midnight mass. After the mass service, they would greet each other “Merry Christmas”.

On the Christmas morning, the family would gather and have a feast. Wine, fruit cakes and Christmas cookies are usually served. Then they will be exchanging gifts and opening them.

Image by: Sree LK

Where to go?

All the church in Melaka celebrate Christmas eve, one just need to go the nearest church in their area.


Christmas has a fix date of 25th December annually.


There is no specified entrance fee for the celebration, however donation is always welcomed.

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