Chinese New Year melaka

Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year is the biggest and the most important festival for the Chinese communities in Melaka. The event is celebrated at the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year symbolizes one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Prior to celebrations, homes are cleaned and decorated with red color decorations. It is not allowed to sweep the house during the day of celebration because it is believed that by doing so, the good luck will be swept out of the house too. On the eve of Chinese New Year, the family members will gather and eat together in the family reunion dinner.

On the day of Chinese New Year, the elders and the married couple will give red packets or ang pow containing money to the singles and the children.

Some people will hire a troupe to perform dragon or lion dances in front of their premises to invite good look. They also will open their house for friends and family to visit. Yee Sang which is a unique Malaysian Chinese delicacy is sometimes served for the guest.

Although firecrackers in Malaysia are prohibited, some people might light fireworks during celebration. The reasoning is the popping sound of the firecrackers helps warding the evil away.

Image by: Ching Neng Bin


Where To Go?

If the visitors want to experience the event. The best place to go is Melaka Chinatown.


Chinese New Year doesn’t have a fixed date since it follows lunar calendar. However the festival always fall on late January and early February.


There is no fee charged to join the celebration.

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