chicken rice ball

Chicken Rice Ball

Chicken Rice ball is a nasi ayam dish that can only be found in Melaka. Just like the usual nasi ayam, the dish consists of poached or roasted chicken and seasoned rice. However, the rice is a bit gooey and shaped into a ball.

The chicken is boiled at sub-boiling temperatures to both cook the bird and produce stock. The chicken stock is used to cook the rice. The chicken later is dipped in ice after it is cooked and hung to dry. The chicken then were either steamed or roasted depending on how people like to eat them.

Chicken rice ball is often served with chili sauce, soy sauce garnishes. Unlike the usual nasi ayam, the chicken rice ball is served with no soup. The chili sauce is made of freshly minced red chili and garlic. It is also accompanied with dark soy sauce and freshly ground ginger.

Image by: Irsyad Ismail

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