Petaling Street

Famous for its counterfeit products, this shopping district in the city centre is well lift after dark and attracts herds after herds of customers from near and far to shop and to eat here. Apparels, accessories, and souvenirs at dirt-cheap price can be found anywhere at Petaling Street.

Aside from apparel stalls and accessories stalls, there are also many food stalls selling a variety of local foods and some foreign country foods such as Thailand food, Vietnam food and even western cuisine.

Chinatown, Petaling Street.

Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is one of the most famous food street locate in Kuala Lumpur, hosting numerous hawker stalls and seafood restaurants that stay open until late night or even early morning. It is a favorite after-drinking place for people to satisfy their cravings and empty stomach after a busy night.

The place stays loud and vibrant throughout the night and the air is always filled with the smell of delicacies from different stalls. Not to mention, most of the food and beverages here are cheap as an effort for the stalls to stand out among the great competition with other food stalls.

Food Street, Jalan Alor

Baan 26

Baan 26 is a Thai restaurant and bar located at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Their Thai food are as good as if you were in Thailand itself and their beers and drinks prices are reasonable. Their prices are considered very cheap compared to the portions they serve and their location being in Bukit Bintang, one of the most expensive places in Kuala Lumpur.

Many travel from outside the city just to come here and have a taste for their delicacies, such as the pineapple fried rice, steam fish, Mieng Kam, Pad Thai, and especially their spicy tomyam seafood.

Baan 26

Big Tree Head Mamak

The Big Tree Head Mamak is a roadside stall that serves the local traditional cuisine – the Nasi Lemak as its specialty. The stall is just below a Big Tree therefore it has a Chinese name called 大树头 which directly translated back to English is Big Tree Head, while Mamak is a typical name for restaurants run by Indian Muslims. Customers mainly come for their nasi lemak and Maggi Goreng which is a type of fried instant noodles. Due to demand, the fried chicken is always freshly fried and crunchy when served therefore very popular among the customers.

Aside from the Indian Muslim mamak stall, there are also a few other stalls such as the fried carrot cake and fried oyster truck nearby. The food and beverages here are cheap and delicious in overall, making it a great place to chill after a drinking session.


SOULed OUT is a restaurant and bar that has different outlets around KL such as Desa Sri Hartamas, Ampang, and Bangsar South, making it easier for customers to access their favourite restaurant and bar without the hassle to travel far. It typically has a 4 out of 5 star and above rating across the restaurant and bar chain, showing how good and popular of their food and services.

Their food and beverages have good reviews left by customers all over the internet and people are happy to go back to their restaurant for seconds especially for their Mojito. Although they don’t specialize in certain cuisines, their pizzas and tandoori chicken seems to leave a good image to their customers.

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