Masjid Selat

Melaka Straits Mosque

The Strait Mosque is located on a man-made island called Melaka Island. It is open to all travelers regardless of religion. There are head cover available to non-Muslims who want to visit the mosque.

This architecture of the mosque is inspired from the floating mosque in Jeddah. However, it is not entirely possible to use all the middle east element, there are also Malay elements such as bamboo and wood carvings incorporated in its architecture.

During the tide, the mosque looks like it is floating on the sea. The pillar of the mosque does not only serves as a supporter for the mosque structure, it also provides guidance for the boats and ships that pass through the Melaka Straits at night.

The tower has a unique design with the Islamic motifs glass windows. The sunset view of the mosque is so beautiful and awesome.

Image by: Michael Coghlan

Operating Hours

Daily: 24 hours


There\s no entrance fee.


Jalan Pulau Melaka 8, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

Design of the palatial mosque was a beautiful blend comprising of both Malaysian and Middle Eastern influences and i personally love the stained glass windows that provided a striking contrast to the generally white building. 


Honestly, the moment I saw the Mosque, I fell in love. I do fall in love easily specially with places. The structure of the Mosque is very complex. You can see that the curves were perfectly shaped to a certain degree. Colorful rounded or ellipse covers the Mosque or I would have rather say its roof. It is unlike any other Mosque that I have seen.


The beautiful mosque was built so that when the water tide is at just the right height, the Mosque looks like it is floating on the ocean.What makes this Mosque even more special is that it was built on a man-made island – Pulau Melaka. 


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A Famosa

Source: Khalzuri Yazid

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St. Paul Church

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The Stadhuys

Source: Khalzuri Yazid

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