Melaka Alive

Melaka Alive

Melaka Alive is a new attraction in Melaka. It brings the visitors a unique experience of learning about Melaka in a fun way. Melaka alive combines theater and historical elements with the advance technology that produces storm and wave simulations to give more impact on the performance.

It offers attractions such as special effect theaters, historical shows and Malaysian traditional arts and crafts.

There are three special effect theaters available, which are “Pirate Adventure”, “The Wind of Merdeka” and “The Sultanate Palace”. The stage is designed lika a ship. The ship is referred to as bahtera merdeka.

When watching the performance here,  be advised to wear a rain coat if you happen to sit at the front area called wet area. The theater would give you the real feeling of sailing at the open sea with the wave simulation. This include getting yourself wet from the the splashing “wave”.

Image by: Melaka Alive

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Operating Hours

Saturday – Thursday: 10.00 A.M – 7.00 P.M

Friday: 10.00 A.M – 12.30 P.M & 2.00 P.M – 7.00 P.M


Adult:  RM 23.00

Children: RM 17.00

Senior citizen:  RM 17.00


Melaka Alive, Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka.

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Hear From Others

To finish our day off, we returned once more to Melaka Alive to watch the Bahtera Merdeka show. It was a good show (watch for the very surprising and unexpected vibrating seats, and also be mindful of the first few rows, which will definitely get wet), full of history and well done. Again, I really don’t want to ruin any part of the surprise other than to say go and see it for yourselves if you want a taste of Melaka’s history brought to life in a colourful fashion.


The most popular section of the entire attraction could very well be the very last stop before you exit to the gift shop. A super-large 3D octopus is seen attacking the ship and what will you do? Take more photos of course! You won’t want to miss the chance for a memorable photo with your family and friends here – I simply can’t think of any other places with anything like this.


Melaka Alive earns a strategic position to becoming one main tourist attraction in Melaka, allowing both tourists and locals to have better understanding of Melaka from her past till today besides the many heritage buildings such as A Famosa, Christ Church Melaka, Taming Sari Tower, etc..


Nearby Attractions

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