Jasin Hot Springs

Jasin Hot Springs

Jasin Hot Springs is a 2 hectare park that hosts nine hot springs pools, two water park pools and one mineral cool spring. It is located at Kampung Bemban. The hot springs here exist over 120 years ago.

This place is ideal for those who just want to relax and wind down while soaking in the hot water. The average temperature for the hot springs is 40 degree Celcius. The water is said to contain minerals such as boron, calcium, fluoride, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silica and sulfur that help refresh the body. It also helps rejuvenate the skin and make the skin looks radiant.

Facilities such as parking space, toilets, changing rooms, a prayer room and cafeteria are available.

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Image by: AIR PANAS JASIN Melaka

Operating Hours

Monday: 3.00 P.M – 12.00 A.M

Friday – Saturday: 9.00 A.M – 2.00 A.M

Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday: 9.00 A.M – 12.00 P.M


Adult : RM 6.50

Children : RM 3.50


Kg Air Panas, Bemban, Melaka

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Hear From Others

Air Panas Jasin is well-known among locals in Malacca and for good reason. Affordable admission, late opening hours and…inflatables!? That’s right, the bouncy slides, banana boats and colorful little water playgrounds make Jasin a little kid’s dream. 


This is definitely a good place to spend a leisure weekend with your family and friends. You swim all through the day, have a picnic, or even just plain relaxing and stuffs.


I strongly recommend you to visit Jasin Hotspring and take a chance to bath in the hotspring pools when you come to Melaka. The hotspring have a lots of facilities and is suitable for the whole family.


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