Muzium Sejarah dan Etnografi

History and Ethnography Museum

The History and Ethnography Museum is located in the colonial Stadthuys building. The museum is divided into two floors.

The first level of the museum exhibits the history of Malacca, from the beginning of 1400 until 1957 when Malaysia reached independence.

The second level of the museum is dedicated to the ethnographic section that provides the visitors with the opportunity to learn about the diversity of culture, tradition and everyday life of the Malaccan community such as the Malay, Chinese, Indian, Baba Nyonya, Portuguese and Chetti communities.

Among the collections featured are the stuffs used for wedding ceremony, classical music equipment, a collection of ancient porcelain, weapons, currencies and more.

The park museum is also equipped with facilities like souvenir shop, toilet, prayer room and children’s playground.

Image by: Perzim

Operating Hours

Daily : 9.00 A.M – 5.30 P.M


Adult: RM 5.00

Children: RM 2.00


Jalan Kota, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka

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Hear From Others

The exhibits provide a true reflection of early Melaka, its existence as a colony, the struggle for independence and the rapid development of post-independence Melaka.


One interesting thing is that this museum is connected with several museums. So, this place could take a while to go through but if you have time to spare, definitely visit this one. We just walk through and found our self in even more exhibition that we thought we would see.


Judging from the number of people that walk in and out of this building, we knew we were in for a wonderful time. 

Yoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos

Nearby Attractions

Jasin Hot Springs

Jasin Hot Springs is a 2 hectare park that hosts nine hot springs pools, two water park pools and one mineral cool spring. It is located at Kampung Bemban.

A Famosa

A Famosa

Source: Khalzuri Yazid

A Famosa is the most popular landmark in Melaka. The trip trip to Melaka is not complete without a stop at A Famosa. A Famosa is a reminder of the first time Melaka being colonized.

Submarine Museum

Submarine Museum

Source: Chongkian

 The museum features a submarine named FS Ouessant Agosta 7. This vessel was originally belonged to the French Navy before it was purchased by the Malaysian government. It was officially given to the Malacca state government to be a museum.

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