Cheng Ho museum

Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

The museum is dedicated to Admiral Cheng Ho. He was an admiral from the land of China. He accompanied the China Princess Hang Li Po on her journey to Melaka. The princess was betrothed to the Melaka Sultan in order to strengthen the diplomatic ties between the two empires.

Born in 1371 in Hodai, a village in Yunan, Cheng Ho was also a famous sailor. The museum features his journey sailing to the southern sea as well as his success in fostering diplomatic relationship between China, the African and Asian countries.

Among the exhibits displayed at the museum are porcelains, ship replicas, book collections mentioning of his history and several other related articles.Guided tour is available for a big group.

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Operating Hours

Daily: 9.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m


Adult: RM 20.00

Children: RM 10.00


Muzium Budaya Cheng Ho, 51, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others


The last part of the visit was a theatrical performance about the story of Cheng Ho, a wonderful work of beautiful painted panels crossing the theatre in layers and changing in a very poetical manner, we loved this bit, that lasted about 20 minutes, it was the cherry on the museum cake!


Cheng Ho Cultural Museum is informative. I came unprepared, that is with no whatsoever sharing with my kids beforehand. I have forgotten almost everything I learnt in school ! When I paid for the tickets, the lady at the counter told me there will be a tour guide! I was thrilled. I thank her profusely and walked to where she pointed to. At the entrance, Jimmy, the guide greeted us with a friendly smile and share generously and passionately with us. I think I learn more from him than all my years of schooling in a the history class.

Ng Shannon

We were brought around the museum by a friendly guide, from whom we learnt a lot about Cheng Ho and his voyages. We also saw many artefacts and recreations from Cheng Ho’s voyages. Apparently, on all of his seven trips, he would make it a point to generously shower his hosts with lavish presents, mostly ceramics and silks, and in return, would be presented with exotic items that he would bring back to China.


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Source: CEphoto

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