Sam Poh Tong

Sam Poh Tong Temple or Cave of triple gem is built within the limestone hill at the southern edge of Gunung Rapat, Ipoh. It is the largest cave temple in Malaysia. The current facade of the temple dates back to the 1950s and a steep staircase with 249 steps leads to an open cave with fantastic views of Ipoh and its surroundings.

The main altar of the temple is filled with statues of Buddha and deities. There is a staircase that leads up to an upper level where there are a few more statues in display cases. Beyond the altar is a passage way leading out to a secluded garden containing the ‘tortoise pond’ and an ornate pagoda building with red roof tiles.The temple also has a crematorium and a columbarium. The temple’s columbarium looks like a 4-storey blue colored apartment block.

There is a very attractive landscaped garden designed around a pond filled with countless Japanese carp and turtles located in front of the temple. The islands at the middle of the pond are embellished with artificial rock formations that resemble the Huang Shan mountains of China. There are also Japanese stone lanterns and pagodas to add to the beauty of the garden. The temple also offers visitors the opportunity to release turtles into its turtle pond as a means of balancing one’s karma.

Image by: Tourism Malaysia

Operation Hours

Daily: 9.00 a.m – 6.00 p.m


There is no entrance fee. However, donation is encouraged.


Kampung Gunung Rapat, 31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

It was not a huge area but the temple operator managed to turn it into a beautiful place that attracted more visitors to take photographs outside rather than inside the temple.



I loved the colourful temple compounds which provided plenty of opportunities for picture taking. The crowds were thin when I visited which I was happy to roam about on my own.


The main attraction for the children was the tortoise pond. Armed with their vegetables they leaned over and tried to attract some of the animals towards them.


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