Darul Ridzuan Museum

The Darul Ridzuan Museum is a museum located in Ipoh, Perak. The museum building was originally constructed as a house for a wealthy tin miner named Foo Choong Kit in 1926. The house was sold to Perak Government in 1950. It was then used to house the administrative center of the Department of Works. In 1992, the building was opened as a museum.

The visitors can browse through the museum and learn about the early history of Perak and the development of the mining and agriculture sectors of Ipoh. There are also a number of pictures of British administrators who played a significant role in Perak administration during the British colonization.

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Operating Hours

Monday – Thursday, weekend & public holidays: 9.30 a.m – 5.00 p.m
Friday: 9.30 a.m – 12.15 p.m & 2.45 p.m – 5.00 p.m


There is no entrance fee.


Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, Perak, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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Hear From Others

The building itself is a piece of “Perak history” as it was built in 1926 by a wealthy tin miner in Ipoh. Imagine, there are eight bed rooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs and on the adjacent building, there are four bedrooms for staff of the household. All in all, the buildings and garden occupy four acres of land. After all these years, the colonial style mansion is still well-preserved.


The museum is packed with interesting collection of historical artifacts about the history of tin mining, forestry and the city of Ipoh.

Zachery Sebastian


Back to the 80’s…70’s…60’s… and even earlier ! It’s a Time Tunel that lead us back to the history of Perak. Did you ever wonder how is Perak before modern development? All mystery about the history of Perak will be revealed right here! at the one and only Darul Ridzuan Museum !


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