Birch Memorial Clock Tower

The Birch Memorial Clock Tower is a clock tower in Ipoh, Perak. It was constructed to commemorate James W. W. Birch, the first British Resident of the state of Perak.

The clock tower is located at the middle of the square, It is decorated with a portrait bust and four panels illustrative of the growth of civilization. It also has a mother bell and four smaller bells which used to strike the chimes.There are white-washed four statues surrounding the tower. These statues represent the four pillars of British administration: ‘patience, justice, loyalty and fortitude’. Loyalty, with sword and shield, Justice, blind and carrying a sword and a pair of scales, Patience, unarmed, and Fortitude, with a calm face and bearing a spear.

The four panels on the clock depict different stages of civilization. The panel facing North depicts the stone age, the iron age and the early Eastern civilization. The panel facing west depicts the Eastern Mediterranean civilization, the Far East civilization and Greece and Rome civilization. The panel facing south depicts The Byzantine Empire, Islam civilization, the age of chivalry, the age of faith, Gothic art, the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Elizabethan age. The panel facing east depicts modern science, art and social services.

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Operating Hours

Daily: 24 Hours


There is no entrance fee.


Birch Memorial Clock Tower
31650 Ipoh Perak.

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Hear From Others

It was designed as means of educating Malayan residents about the History of Civilization as depicted on its four murals.



If you are in Ipoh or visiting Ipoh soon and would like to view the Birch Memorial Memorial Clock Tower, it is conveniently located within the Ipoh Padang area, near Old Town. The key landmark to look out for will be the Ipoh State Mosque as the clock tower is located just next to it.

Timothy Tan

In case you are wondering, the clock still works!
If you arrive here on the hour or one of the quarters, you will hear the bells chime.


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