Sitiawan Settlement Museum

The Sitiawan Settlement Museum is located in Koh Village, Sitiawan, Perak. The two -storey building which the museum is located was originally the parsonage built in 1935 for the Pioneer Methodist Church Pastors in Sitiawan. It was converted to a museum in 2003.

As the visitors enter the museum, the solemn atmosphere will bring back a nostalgic feeling to life. The visitors will be able to see historical relic and artifacts gathered from days of the early church. The museum houses more than 500 items of historical documents, records with coveted photographs details all the major events of the pioneering works of the early Christians from Foochow, South China.

Historical relics such as tools used by the pioneers, kitchen furniture, antique dressing-table , costumes, colonial era bicycle, old clocks, old photographs, coal irons and embroidery are among the items displayed here.

Image by: Sitiawan Settlement Museum 实兆远垦场博物馆 FB

Operating Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 2.00 p.m – 5.00 p.m

Saturday: 10.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m

Sunday – Monday: Closed


There is no entrance fee, however donation is very much appreciated.


Sitiawan Settlement Museum
K6, Jalan Ling Ching Mi,
Kampung Koh,
32000 Sitiawan Perak.

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Hear From Others

The wonderful thing about this museum, when compared to those under the National or State Governments, is that this tribute to the past has been put together entirely by volunteers and private funds. This is a positive demonstration of what can be done by a small dedicated group of people who share a common purpose.


Although the items on display at the Sitiawan Settlement Museum are not that ‘aged’, it still makes quite an educational visit, particularly if you are interested in the Fuzhou clan and dialect, because it records the history of the clan’s settlement in Malaysia.


Please don’t forget to visit the Sitiawan Settlement Museum when you next visit Sitiawan. I bet you will enjoy it.

Eddie Law

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